‘Did my tiny bit to break the cycle of ifs and buts’: Rabia Anum Obaid on her decision to exit Nida Yasir’s show

Published 10 Nov, 2022 04:15pm

Images Staff

She tweeted "let’s hope harassers and wife beaters are never given the chance to be heroes again," after walking out of the show earlier in the week because of Mohsin Abbas Haider's presence.

<p>Photo: Rabia Anum Obaid /Instagram</p>

Photo: Rabia Anum Obaid /Instagram

TV show host Rabia Anum Obaid recently walked off the set of Nida Yasir’s morning show Good Morning Pakistan, where Mohsin Abbas Haider, an actor who was accused of abusing his former wife, had also been invited. She has now called it her “tiny bit to break the cycle of ifs and buts”.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday, Obaid explained why she exited the show. “Did my tiny bit to break the cycle of ifs and buts, let’s hope harassers and wife beaters are never given the chance to be heroes again, those who never apologised for what they did while the victims are still struggling mentally, physically and financially to get back on their feet,” she wrote.

Obaid also acknowledged the love and appreciation that was sent her way after the video started circulating online. She called it “overwhelming” and said that those who shared their own stories with her must know that she has been reading them and even cried. “The first thing I did after walking out was speaking to Fatima , we both cried on phone,” wrote the TV host.

The 32-year-old also responded to tweets referring to the video and how things work behind the camera. Replying to a now deleted tweet, Obaid said that she wasn’t informed about Haider’s arrival, maybe because “it was normal” and said it wasn’t the first time he came on the show. “No one else raised an issue before me. Not their mistake,” she said, referring to the production team.

Another Twitter user questioned if she had been informed about the guests to which Obaid replied, she wasn’t informed about Haider as he was not the initial guest but a replacement for another who couldn’t come at the last moment.

On Tuesday Obaid was seated next to actor Fiza Ali on Good Morning Pakistan. The topic of discussion in the show was about the mistakes everyone has made as a child at some point in life.

However, before anyone began, Obaid informed the host that she was only told about Ali’s presence, not Haider. “There are some mistakes that never leave us, and today I’m not going to make that mistake. There’s an issue I’ve taken a stand for which is domestic abuse and I feel like if this minute effort of mine tomorrow saves my daughter or even my friends, then I have to do it.”

She said that due to the reason she mentioned, she doesn’t want to be a part of the show. “I know how responsible you [Nida] are and I love you for that, but I think If today I sit through the entire show, I will not be able to face my friends, my colleagues and all of those girls for whom I might have to take a stand for in the future, for whom I’ve already raised my voice. So, to take care of that I will not be a part of this show, I’m sorry,” Obaid said.