‘I try to maintain distance wherever I can’t vibe’: Sonya Hussyn on legal notice to Tich Button’s Urwa Hocane

‘I try to maintain distance wherever I can’t vibe’: Sonya Hussyn on legal notice to Tich Button’s Urwa Hocane

The actor refuses to comment on her co-stars Feroze Khan and Mohsin Abbas Haider's abuse allegations, says she "doesn't know what happens in their homes".
08 Nov, 2022

Actor Sonya Hussyn doesn’t believe her legal notice to Tich Button producer Urwa Hocane is a “misunderstanding”. She said in a recent interview that she approached Urwa prior to sending the notice but never got a response.

A week or so after the notice went public, Urwa appeared on Express TV’s The Talk Talk Show and claimed it must have been a “misunderstanding. Sonya had claimed that her contract for Tich Button had been breached and she hadn’t been paid the full stipulated amount.

On Monday, Sonya appeared on the same show and was asked about her family, her career, projects, Tich Button, but most importantly, the notice she sent to Urwa. “Payment was the main issue why I wasn’t seen at the Tich Button promotions. Everything was fine at some point but there comes a time when you’re not able to build chemistry with some people. I try to maintain distance wherever I can’t vibe along and there were some people in Tich Button that I didn’t vibe with,” revealed Sonya.

When the host asked about the legal notice and why she only issued it to Urwa instead of other producers, Sonya said, “I saw this a lot on social media. Let me tell you, Farhan [Saeed] wasn’t the producer. From the start he played the part as an actor. Urwa was the main face who handled the production aspect of Tich Button and she was the one who signed the contract with me. As far as ARY is concerned, they are the film distributors. If they are playing the part as producers, that came after the contract that’s between me and Urwa and you approach the person who you have the contract with.”

The Mor Moharan actor was also asked if she tried to approach Urwa or even the cast, like Saeed, to resolve the issue. She said that she tried to talk to them many times but “if someone is not listening to what you have to say, insults your team, puts you on the waiting list and ignores your phone calls then a legal notice is the right approach”.

“Basically, when Time Out With Ahsan Khan came out, the issue had already spread like wildfire and at that time I had told my lawyer to approach them but they said that after film wraps up, there’s a time period of two years to make the payment but they never responded back to us. Now it has come to a point that there are film promotions going on and it’s about to release and everyone’s being told that I’m on vacations to justify my absence and that I don’t care about the film,” she said.

When asked about settlement, Sonya replied that the producers have approached her to sort out the matter but she has chosen to distance herself from promotional events for the film. Though Sonya said she was “not satisfied” with her character in Tich Button, she was all praises for her costars.

The release date for Tich Button has been pushed forward to November 25.

The 31-year-old star was asked to give her opinion on her co-stars Feroze Khan and Mohsin Abbas Haider being accused of domestic violence. Khan’s ex-wife Aliza Sultan recently accused him of abuse and infidelity and presented in a Karachi family court emergency room reports and photos of her bruises as proof of abuse in a case regarding the custody of their two children. Several members of the entertainment fraternity rallied behind Aliza.

“Some things are very personal. Feroze and Mohsin were my colleagues and the thing is that I’m against this. Domestic violence, violence should not happen. But I don’t know what happens in their homes. Many times we’ve seen that things are exaggerated so unless I know what happened for real, I cannot comment on it based off the photos that I’ve seen, assuming who the victim is and the culprit,” Sonya said.

She pointed at cancel culture and said both Haider and her worked for a music video but during his case, the video went on hold for two years. “I noticed in that period that he was cancelled out from a lot of things, he was kicked out of a channel and he wasn’t given any projects. I get it that a husband and wife are having issues and that they must talk it out but you cannot trap someone in or beat them up. If you don’t talk to them or move them towards therapy, despite things being true, this pushes them to become suicidal and I don’t think that’s the correct way to react.”