‘There is no room for that kind of behaviour’: Bella Hadid condemns antisemitism, requests followers to call people out

‘There is no room for that kind of behaviour’: Bella Hadid condemns antisemitism, requests followers to call people out

The supermodel's comments come days after American rapper Kanye West posted an antisemitic tweet and was suspended from the platform.
13 Oct, 2022

After Kanye West’s recent bout of antisemitism, Bella Hadid has taken to Instagram to express her thoughts on how these past few days have been for her and how it was “hard to celebrate” her birthday with the kind of things that have been pasted on the street or said on public platforms.

A day after her birthday on October 9, West, who now goes by Ye, made headlines for being locked out of Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms for his antisemitic comments.

According to Al Jazeera, he had written “death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE.” Now, without naming him, Hadid commented on the situation and wrote, “to allow any form of anti-semitism to slip by, as desensitised as the world has become, it would be a disservice to my friends, the families I have grown up with, the people I love and work with, myself, and even the Palestinian case as a whole”.

She added that what she stands for is not “hatred or violence” and will continue to be a “voice for the innocently targeted” no matter who the people are and where they come from.

“This is NOT okay. Anti-semitism, or targeting any innocent Jewish person anywhere will never be okay. I cant stress how important it is for my following to hear this loud and clear,” she wrote.

In another Instagram story, the supermodel wrote that it’s a scary to place to live in where discrimination or death wishes are something of our everyday. “It is scary that most people would swipe past something so horrendous and unknowingly go on with their life, completely unaware of how it could affect another human being. But there is a point where we all have to speak up no matter what,” Hadid said.

She also added that there are people she loves in this world who happen to be Jewish, feel scared by the words that have been used. Hadid shared that the Jewish people she knows of feel targeted, uneasy and confused and that there is “generational trauma of resurfacing. “Generational trauma of their ancestors being tortured and taken. There is self-doubt. There are triggers and I am here to say that if you see something, say something,” Hadid requested her followers.

She also reassured her Jewish loved ones and communities worldwide that she is here for them and they have the right as a human being to be alive just the same as any other race, religion, shape or size. The Ramy actor also said that no one should be “judged for the things they cannot control”.

Addressing her followers again, Hadid requested them to call people out if they see anyone saying something antisemitic or being hostile to anyone who may be different than them.

“Let them know there is no room for that kind of behaviour in this world. To separate us would be the biggest downfall of all. We need to stand together always. The same way I expect hatred against ‘my’ people, ‘your people’, or ‘their’ people to be denounced, I will time and time again denounce ALL anti-semitism, worldwide,” she concluded.

 Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Before being locked out of social media, Ye had wished death upon the Jewish people and then had added how “funny” it is that he cannot be antisemitic because people of colour are also ‘Jew’ and how people, his followers, have “toyed” with him and tried to “blackball anyone whoever opposes” their agenda. His tweet and post on Instagram have been removed and the singer has been blocked from posting for violating the guidelines.

About a week ago, the ‘Stronger’ rapper was criticised by Bella’s model sister, Gigi Hadid who had also called him out for attacking a fashion editor that disapproved his Yeezy T-shirts that featured “White Lives Matter” on the back.


Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Oct 13, 2022 01:14pm
As you sow, so shall you reap.
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ENGR Hamid Shafiq Oct 13, 2022 01:16pm
We are against the policy of Israel which against the Palestinians and occupation of land. We never against the Jews because they are present everywhere our religion not give the teachings against any religion.
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NYS Oct 13, 2022 04:58pm
Sisters duo have ambiguous agenda Are they anti semetism or anti palestinian
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Uyghyr ahmadi Oct 13, 2022 06:31pm
She woke up after sleeping through all that happening in Iran
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MAK Oct 13, 2022 07:18pm
Keep trying to be relevant. Well, you are not at the moment!
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Seedoo Oct 13, 2022 07:41pm
There are a lot of Jews in the West who are standing up to Israel and are fighting for the rights of Palestinians. Noam Chomski, is one such example.
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kumaran Oct 13, 2022 09:01pm
@Uyghyr ahmadi She woke up for her people. What's wrong? Same with everyone. Uighyur is an example
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Kasam hussain Oct 13, 2022 09:27pm
@Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad who cares.
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Mn Oct 14, 2022 07:00am
Except threatening languages, What happens to freedom of speech.
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