Hell hath no fury like Babar Azam fans scorned, as TV show host Aftab Iqbal is now learning

Hell hath no fury like Babar Azam fans scorned, as TV show host Aftab Iqbal is now learning

He's facing the wrath of Babar fans after calling the captain "egotistical" on his show and saying he is "no longer a star".
10 Oct, 2022

TV show host Aftab Iqbal may think Babar Azam is not a star anymore, but he’s definitely in the minority. In fact, his take on the captain is so controversial that he’s trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

Iqbal, who hosts Khabarhar on SAMAA TV, doesn’t like Babar Azam, it seems. He made this evident when he went on a rant about the cricketer on his show on October 8 and said Babar is no longer a star. “For me he’s not a star. Not because he dropped catches, not because he’s not performing. But because he has an ego issue! He’s started [grouping] with players,” he said to a mute audience.

“Have you forgotten where you started from and where God took you so quickly? You should have buried your head in shame,” he said to Babar. He urged him to select a “good team” with Haris Sohail, Faheem Ashraf, Imad Wasim and Shoaib Malik, whom he should “beg” to come back.

What Iqbal doesn’t seem to realise is that Pakistan loves Babar Azam. So much so that even when the team loses, the often vicious internet comforts the captain. Such is the love and respect fans have for him.

He’s in physics books, he’s one half of everyone’s opening favourite duo and he’s a good sportsman, among other things. But above all, he’s King Babar and his fans won’t let these insults stand.

There were A LOT of jokes about Babar’s ‘resignation’ and/or ‘firing’.

Lest we forget.

Iqbal’s a ‘cricket expert’, after all.

Leave. Bobby. Alone.

People had receipts.

And opinions.

In conclusion.

Don’t mess with Babar fans.


Soniye tu auder te la Oct 10, 2022 06:50pm
He wanted cheap publicity at the hands of Babar, and got it. Mission accomplished.
Shaz Oct 10, 2022 06:55pm
Babar is a good player but not a good captain. Agree.
Rizwan Oct 10, 2022 07:06pm
I have never understood the psychology behind "fandoom" why would u waste ur defending a total stranger, who doesn't know your name and will probably forget it after a minute, from another stranger.. Their victories make them rich not you.
Dr. Malik Oct 10, 2022 07:10pm
he is just a very ignorant person, who tries to portray " himself on his own show" through "self-hired" artists as Ashfaq Ahmed of our times, he has political and vested agendas which he manifests in his show—simply making a fool of naive people through his shenanigans.
Muquarrab Oct 10, 2022 07:14pm
I like Aftab Iqbal but this time he has crossed the redline!!!!
Mnkhan Oct 10, 2022 07:24pm
Completely disagree with the part where he says Babar is not a star. Also the replacements he suggested are laughable. Though, Babar is not a good choice for T20 Captain. We need someone like Shadab to lead this T20 side. Regarding personal liking and disliking, it's always been a dark side of our cricket which has dented our journey to be a top side in all formats. Take one example; Abrar was selected for England series but he was not given a single game and most people agree its because of Babar wish to protect the place of his buddy Usman Qadir.
Alrehan Oct 10, 2022 07:25pm
Sad to see people getting disrepect from mr aftab for no reason
Dean Oct 10, 2022 07:26pm
The guy does have a point !! Agree Malik should be back in the T20 SET UP ASAP with Amir
Muquarrab Oct 10, 2022 07:31pm
This was very unusual tangent exhibited by Aftab Iqbal - very uncalled for criticism of Babar. I was also surprised for him advocating for players who are now senior citizens!
mua Oct 10, 2022 07:54pm
He's a fraud, influence peddler.
Chota Oct 10, 2022 07:56pm
Who are you to judge?it's Aftab Iqbal own point of view and it should be respected.where is freedom of expression?
Concerned Citizen Oct 10, 2022 07:57pm
Not all criticism is coming out of the blue. Did Babar not perform miserably in the last tournament and series? Did we not give away a won match in the last final vs Sri? Babar is doing something wrong. Even his batting over the last couple of months has been miserable. He didn't even perform as a good batsman. Let alone a captain that the team can look towards.
Scary Oct 10, 2022 08:02pm
The most arrogant, cocky, egoistic, fake and ungrateful anchor on our TV. I never watch him but his actions speak louder then his voice.
Dr Dummy Oct 10, 2022 08:27pm
We all have ego, but some have super ego too. He has not yet met his full potential.
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Oct 10, 2022 08:46pm
No doubt, he's a star.
Balram Sharma Oct 10, 2022 09:16pm
King Babar is a direct copy of King Kohli.....
Citizen Oct 10, 2022 09:35pm
Aftab will apologise on his remarks tomorrow
Nadeem Shah USA Oct 10, 2022 09:45pm
Not surprised, Pakistani society worship celebrities, especially cricket celebrities, look how they follow the foolish Imran Khan as if he was artistotle.
M. Saeed Oct 10, 2022 09:48pm
Aftab Iqbal of all the persons? He is a third class anchor even having no weight for drag. He has been shunted severally from various channels, for his failures in his own tracks, let alone anchoring and talking cricket greats.
xaveed Oct 10, 2022 10:05pm
Babar kept on playing an out of form and rhythm Hassan Ali for a year just because of friendship. He definitely is a poor captain. PCB should make some one else the captain and let Babar focus on his batting. He is a great batsman.
Hamza Oct 10, 2022 10:16pm
Babar Azam is not a star but a super star for us. But I think there is a issue of favouritism in our team need to fix that.
Haha Khi Oct 10, 2022 11:00pm
@Rizwan Doesn’t this logic everywhere. Why we favor politician , religious leaders , celebrities etc. At the end of day we are sole responsible for our bills
Umar Ali Oct 10, 2022 11:37pm
I cordially agree with the remarks of Aftab Iqbal, sir. Because I have seen some cases while Rizwan is trying to instruct players and Babar said arrogantly! That is my job not yours.
Imran Oct 11, 2022 01:19am
As far as I know, Aftab Iqbal got a little notoriety because of some talented comedians he hosts. His lecturing about the ego problem is quite comical. He makes some wide-eyed female co-host play along in amazement, with every word he utters.
Hanif Oct 11, 2022 01:33am
We need to good players from karachi/Hyderabad/other places. Even Aftab did not mention any players from other parts of the country because they think Punjab is Pakistan :). Baber Azam is OK batsman, he still needs to prove him self in test against good teams in other test environment. He is worst captain.
Reality Oct 11, 2022 02:58am
He is a good player but def not star presence or aura only if rizwan plays
khan Oct 11, 2022 03:50am
Aftab Iqbal is using the right of expression so he has expressed his personal opinion about BA. But saying BA hs ego problem I ask Aftab Iqbal what he thing about himself. He is so arrogant about his successful shows that sometime he ignore the fact that it is His blessing and not his talent. I ike his show and never miss to watch it. He is inspiring personality
Zaheer Arif Oct 11, 2022 05:33am
Aftab Iqbal thinks himself as contemporary with Socrates. He does so very often all his shows, nevertheless goes unnoticed for such behaviour.
Cye Oct 11, 2022 06:21am
He has a right for his personal choice. No need to make him a topic of joke.
Dawn Oct 11, 2022 06:22am
Babar a good batsman. Mediocre captain. But great expectations short lived. Not quite what many expected of him.
Asif Oct 11, 2022 08:32am
Some people know everything.
Ayesha Oct 11, 2022 08:56am
Affable Iqbal these days is really falling from grace
Rameay Oct 11, 2022 09:07am
Pseudo Intellectuals better RIP.
fida Oct 11, 2022 09:19am
Praises from Virat Khole went to Baber Azam head, and he showed it by performing so poorly against the Indians in their recent matches. He should leave captaincy and concenterate on his batting.
Tayyaba Oct 11, 2022 01:08pm
Well there must have been some answer to aftab iqbal so that he may realize never to take 'panga' with a real star. How on earth they can compete with sports stars. So strange. What Could have been the purpose? Fame???? Uhhhh..... Babar sy takkar wo bhi fame k lye???
Hamid Faisal Oct 11, 2022 03:43pm
OMG ! the perpetual personality syndrome which our beloved country has in many dimension. I like to say, Mr. Aftab Iqbal keep doing dummy museum fun making activities, our audience like that very much, because it part of our sub-continent culture. Starting from Mughlia Daur I believe, you may know it better. But, please let the sports people decide as who is who, what is who doing in the game of cricket or else. We have PCB in our beloved country, there relevant people are responsible to look into that.
JackJones Oct 11, 2022 05:30pm
Babar is an excellent batsman but a poor captain. While i understand he is new as a captain some of his mistakes are so basic that one questions his aptitude. Babar needs a strong mentor that guides him and make him realize his mistakes with a follow up action to Not make that mistake again. Otherwise, Babar is asking for disaster in the long run. People of Pakistan are very passionate and emotional about the one sport Pakistan has some recognition and will not forgive him for basic mistakes.