Hell hath no fury like Babar Azam fans scorned, as TV show host Aftab Iqbal is now learning

Published 10 Oct, 2022 06:20pm

Images Staff

He's facing the wrath of Babar fans after calling the captain "egotistical" on his show and saying he is "no longer a star".

TV show host Aftab Iqbal may think Babar Azam is not a star anymore, but he’s definitely in the minority. In fact, his take on the captain is so controversial that he’s trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

Iqbal, who hosts Khabarhar on SAMAA TV, doesn’t like Babar Azam, it seems. He made this evident when he went on a rant about the cricketer on his show on October 8 and said Babar is no longer a star. “For me he’s not a star. Not because he dropped catches, not because he’s not performing. But because he has an ego issue! He’s started [grouping] with players,” he said to a mute audience.

“Have you forgotten where you started from and where God took you so quickly? You should have buried your head in shame,” he said to Babar. He urged him to select a “good team” with Haris Sohail, Faheem Ashraf, Imad Wasim and Shoaib Malik, whom he should “beg” to come back.

What Iqbal doesn’t seem to realise is that Pakistan loves Babar Azam. So much so that even when the team loses, the often vicious internet comforts the captain. Such is the love and respect fans have for him.

He’s in physics books, he’s one half of everyone’s opening favourite duo and he’s a good sportsman, among other things. But above all, he’s King Babar and his fans won’t let these insults stand.

There were A LOT of jokes about Babar’s ‘resignation’ and/or ‘firing’.

Lest we forget.

Iqbal’s a ‘cricket expert’, after all.

Leave. Bobby. Alone.

People had receipts.

And opinions.

In conclusion.

Don’t mess with Babar fans.