Babar Azam is supporting fellow cricketer Virat Kohli and netizens love the sportsmanship

Published 15 Jul, 2022 03:24pm

Images Staff

The captain's gesture was also applauded by Indian media and fans.

<p>Photo: Babar Azam/Twitter</p>

Photo: Babar Azam/Twitter

Cricket may pit national teams against one another but it’s great to see players rise above those differences off the field. Pakistan captain Babar Azam showing support for Indian cricketer Virat Kohli has won hearts on both sides of the border.

On Thursday, Azam tweeted a photo of the two players together and told Kohli that the rough patch he may be going through is temporary. “Stay strong,” he wrote.

The encouraging message came in light of the criticism of the Indian cricketer’s recent poor performance. He missed the first ODI against England due to a groin injury and made only 16 in the second match. India lost by 100 runs at Lord’s, which also means the right-hander has now gone 77 consecutive international innings without reaching three figures.

The tweet was shared many more times on the platform as netizens showed appreciation for the show of great sportsmanship on Azam’s part. They called both players the GOATs (greatest of all time) and applauded the gesture.

Several journalists and fans from the other side of the border had positive things to say about the captain.

Indian fans were taken aback by the “emotional” moment and expressed renewed respect for Azam.

Professional footballer Yannick Bolasie called him a “legend”.

Lawyer Jibran Nasir said such “empathy” can only be displayed by a player of equal class and called the captain a “role model” for up-and-coming cricketers around the globe.

Pakistani fans called both cricketers the GOATs and said they’re proud to be Azam fans.

Kudos to the captain for setting a great example for other athletes.