07 Oct, 2022

Good news for FarHania fans, the onscreen couple might be making a comeback in another drama.

Every Thursday for the past few months, Hania Aamir and Farhan Saeed have taken over the internet with their performances in drama Mere Humsafar. The show’s finale aired last week and has left fans wanting more. In an interview with Something Haute, director Qasim Ali Mureed revealed that they’re talking about bringing the duo back for another story.

“The kind of response I’ve received, it’s unbelievable. They’ve all gone mad, ‘We want season two,’ they’re saying. There are thousands of messages,” he said, talking about the state the drama has left fans in.

When questioned about the likelihood of a sequel, he responded, “I hope so. It won’t be a season two exactly, it could be the same team creating a drama together with an arc that matches [Mere Humsafar’s], maybe even a character. I’m looking forward to doing another project with Farhan and Hania and why not, Saira Raza could be the writer.”

He clarified that it will not be a continuation of Mere Humsafar. “Of course, a different setup. It won’t be the second season,” he said. “It’s in the talks, hasn’t been locked yet. The biggest issue is that people are so busy, it’s difficult to match the timelines.”

Produced by Six Sigma Plus, Mere Humsafar also starred Saba Hameed, Waseem Abbas, Samina Ahmad, Zoya Nasir, Hira Umer and Tara Mahmood.

“It’s a family story with a love story in the middle of it. It’s a powerful love story between Farhan and Hania and it will be an emotional rollercoaster for the viewers,” he explained. “The story touches upon contemporary issues and it’s all quite relatable. Saira Raza wrote a beautiful script and I’m actually super excited,” Mureed previously told Images.


ST Oct 07, 2022 02:13pm
But with same theme. We dont want aggressive and bold hania. This humble and soft and timid character of Hannah along with Farhan's as a caring husband was the magic behind this popularity.
Kashif Oct 07, 2022 04:02pm
Don’t do it as people like change. May be after few years.
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Oct 07, 2022 05:52pm
Bring it on.
Shahla Oct 07, 2022 07:21pm
Isn't one regressive drama enough???
Realdeal Oct 08, 2022 07:09am
Are we witnessing some sweet music between them in real life as well....