Double episodes, double the love as netizens sing praises for Hania Aamir’s Hala and Farhan Saeed’s Hamza from Mere Humsafar

Double episodes, double the love as netizens sing praises for Hania Aamir’s Hala and Farhan Saeed’s Hamza from Mere Humsafar

The drama has impressed people with Hamza's not so typical portrayal of a Pakistani husband and Hala's confident new persona.
19 Aug, 2022

TV show Mere Humsafar has impressed netizens once again but this time with double episodes, giving fans a double dose of their favourite onscreen characters Hala, played by Hania Aamir, and Hamza, played by Farhan Saeed.

This week’s episode saw Hala become more confident as she chooses to move with her father and sister for the time being while protecting herself and her baby from the negative energy looming over her marital house due to her aunt Shahjehaan (Saba Hameed) and Rumi (Hira Khan).

The recent episode saw the couple reaching a lot of milestones, one being the much awaited confrontation that people had been demanding for the past couple of weeks between Hala and Hamza. Bringing her past lover into the conversation, Hamza cleared the air by informing Hala that he would’ve supported her instead of using her past to mock her and would’ve defended her. In response, Hala says that she had to lie because she was afraid of losing him and their baby’s future.

During their confrontation and as Hala leaves the hospital, the Hamza of the first few episodes returns, filled with love and care for his wife, and netizens have only praises for the actors.

For this netizen, it was her first time seeing a husband stand for his wife despite her making mistakes on Pakistani TV.

Another praised Saeed and Aamir’s performances and said Hala’s comeback was their favourite part of the episode.

Hamza stans also came through.

Love for the drama seems to have transcended borders as several netizens from India also expressed their love for the drama on Twitter.

One user said Mere Humsafar was their “guilty pleasure” when it started out and now it’s their “high point of the week”.

Another user had some thoughts on Hala and Hamza’s confrontation.

Hamza has stans in India as well. One user said 200 people in their hostel are watching the drama because of him.

One user even prayed to get a man like Hamza in their life.

The drama has been on everyone’s minds and netizens have been giving it rave reviews — they love Hamza and Hala.

Aamir was last seen in Sang-e-Mah while Saeed has two dramas on air at the moment, Mere Humsafar, where he plays the much loved not so toxic male lead, and Badshah Begum in which he plays the character of Pir Shahzaib.

Mere Humsafar is being directed by Qasim Ali Mureed who has another project in the pipeline with Saeed and his actor wife Urwa Hocane for their film Tich Button.