30 Sep, 2022

Commemorating the last of Mere Humsafar Thursdays, lead actors Hania Aamir and Farhan Saeed took a bow and said goodbye to the drama.

On Friday, Aamir penned a long note to thank each person who made the project possible and her fans for all their support. She started off by telling them that through Mere Humsafar, she has fulfilled her dream of giving her ‘Hanians’ a performance they would revel in and never forget. “When we started working on this project we could’ve never imagined this. We didn’t know that it could become what it has,” she added.

She filled the rest of her note with gratitude for her team members and viewers. One by one she thanked the “captain of the ship” director Qasim Ali Mureed for his faith and guidance, writer Saira Raza for authoring this “beautiful story” and Yashal Shahid, Amanat Ali and Naveed Nashad for the “masterpiece of an OST” that added magic to the scenes. Lastly, she turned to her onscreen husband Saeed and thanked him for being the best costar ever. “Thank you for being the Hamza to my Hala. Hala would’ve been incomplete without Hamza,” she wrote.

After sending her love to her “Mere Humsafar family”, she thanked her fans for all they do. “A hugeeeee thank you to all our fans across the world! Thank you to all the Hanians, Farhanians [and] Halzas! Thank you for the love, the dedication, the support. I could not have done this without your love! Thank you for every little edit, every Twitter trend, every comment, every like! Thank you for making every Thursday a celebration for us! Thank you for always supporting me and loving me and believing in me! Won’t let you down!”

The Suno Chanda actor said his goodbyes too, difficult as they were. “Goodbye Mere Humsafar, it’s hard, very hard! But you know what? Thank you! Thank you for giving me these whole bunch of crazy people who just say good things about me and pray for me no matter what! They’re staying with me forever so again thank you!” he wrote.

Having said his thank yous to his “main people” already, he turned to those he missed out as “it’s incomplete without them”. He thanked writer Raza for penning the words they brought to life. “While performing you probably don’t feel it but when you see those scenes, you realise all we are doing is what’s written and that’s what’s connecting people with the character! So thank you very much.”

He expressed gratitude for the producers, the Six Sigma team, the DOP and everyone on the set for taking being through the good and bad with a smile on their faces. “Thank you to everyone everywhere in the world, I am in Montreal and I have people coming to me, praising Mere Humsafar so when I say [the] world, I mean it! Till the next, your Hamza,” he concluded.