What do Rahul Gandhi and Imran Khan have in common? They both measure flour in litres

What do Rahul Gandhi and Imran Khan have in common? They both measure flour in litres

The former premier's slip of tongue has led to many jokes across the border.
Updated 19 Sep, 2022

Imran Khan’s recent slip of tongue has spurred a spate of memes — on Indian Twitter. It sent the Indian side of the internet into a frenzy as they compared him to their own politician Rahul Gandhi. Why — because both politicians spoke about inflation and measured flour in litres.

On Thursday, the former premier went live where he spoke about the “historical” increase in prices and addressed what he called an “economical crisis”. He pointed out that if there is no political independence at this point, he fears that the country’s condition will not be something that can be controlled in the near future.

While comparing the prices during his tenure and the current government’s, Imran said, “The commoner is currently facing difficulties with flour because it has doubled in price. One kilogram of flour, at our time, was at Rs50 and today in Karachi, it has gone over Rs100 per litre in a matter of five months.”

Though his slip up didn’t really make waves in Pakistan, it was picked up across the border where he was instantly compared with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi who has made similar mistakes in the past. Earlier this month, he addressed the public in Delhi where he compared the prices in 2014 to what they are now. In his speech, he had said, “Flour was INR 22 per litre and now it is INR 40 per litre,” but was quick to realise his mistake and rectified it to kilogrammes. Did that stop netizens from trolling him? Not at all.

Indian Twitter believes the two politicians may have read the same book.

They’re both “legends”.

Did Imran copy Rahul?

Or is it a conspiracy to change the metric system?

This user took Khan’s slip up a little too seriously.

Imran’s slip up brought a lot of laughter.

Just twin things.

Or competitor things?

Politicians have been giving us quite a few laughs this year, be it Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’skaanpein taang rahi hain” or PM Shehbaz’s struggle with his headphones at the SCO Summit in Samarkand. There’s never a dull moment when it comes to Pakistani politicians.