Wild fact of the day — PM Shehbaz Sharif speaks German

Wild fact of the day — PM Shehbaz Sharif speaks German

The premier speaking to a German family in their native tongue in Swat is the multiverse of madness no one saw coming.
01 Sep, 2022

The prime minister being quadrilingual (or maybe even penta or hexa lingual) is the plot twist very few of us saw coming. A video of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif talking to a family from Germany who had been rescued during the floods in Swat in German has left Twitter stunned. The news that he may even speak Mandarin, Arabic and Japanese too has people flabbergasted.

On Wednesday, the PM visited flood-hit areas in KP and announced Rs10 billion to rehabilitate the calamity-hit areas. During his visit to Kalam and other parts of Swat, the premier met flood survivors and addressed a gathering in Kalam and Kanju wherein he promised help from the federal government in overcoming the crisis

But one video clip from his visit has been doing the round on Twitter since it featured the premier speaking in German. The official handle of Government of Pakistan wrote, “Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif spoke to German tourists during his trip to Swat. Prime Minister has assured stranded individuals will be provided all amenities on priority basis.”

The video was “unsettling” so some.

Others had trouble believing it. We’re pretty stunned too, tbh.

No one missed the thumbs up thrown in there.

It’s a multiverse of madness.

We all have questions.

People could relate.

Some found him a bit TOO relatable.

Others praised him for “the man he is” for speaking Sindhi, Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi, English and now German.

But he also maybe speaks more languages. We can’t confirm this but seeing this video makes us think anything is possible.

While this was a lighter moment during the PM’s tour of flood-affected areas, we shouldn’t forget that much of our country has been devastated by the floods. If you want to donate, here is an extensive list of organisations accepting donations and working to aid people affected by the floods.