Twitter is starting a petition to get Lenovo to change its name to Naseem Shah’s ‘Lenevivo’

Twitter is starting a petition to get Lenovo to change its name to Naseem Shah’s ‘Lenevivo’

Pakistani netizens jumped to the cricketer's defence after Indian Twitter users mocked his English speaking skills.
16 Sep, 2022

Naseem Shah is Pakistan’s newest obsession and Pakistanis will stand behind the cricketer even if he mispronounces a word. It’s not Shah who’s wrong, it’s the word. Ban the word, banish it — we’d rather get a petition to change the official pronunciation than let anyone mock him.

Recently, a video from earlier this year featuring the 19-year-old cricketer went viral on Twitter and elicited some mean reactions. The PSL era video, starring Quetta Gladiators’ Shah and Mohammad Nawaz, discussed technology and in it, the former spelled out brand Lenovo and pronounced it as “Lenevivo”.

Indian Twitter users took this as an opportunity to poke fun at him but Pakistani fans are not having it. They are prepared to defend Shah and stood up for him against the bullies.

Lenovo who? It’s Lenevivo or nothing from here on out.

We expect a formal apology from the CEO.


Oops — and he’ll do it again.

In the end, it’s the performance that matters.

To start off with, English is not our first language and the sense of superiority associated with it is the effect of a colonial hangover. Respect should not be tied to anything that unsubstantial. Might we suggest it be tied to performance in the Asia Cup instead?


Maula Jatt Sep 16, 2022 02:48pm
Naseem shah’s SIX SIX are unforgettable.
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Maryam Sep 16, 2022 02:49pm
So sad... I once heard a really popular Italian/Spanish designer residencing in America for 10+ years. He couldn't speak proper English . It is ok for them not for us??? English is not mandatory, their craft/sport is..... Can't imagine how much trolling he is going through in this young age.Horrible.
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Aamir Akram Sep 16, 2022 03:08pm
the correct term would have been 'insubstantial' not 'unsubstantial'!
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Meeda Hullwala Sep 16, 2022 03:54pm
This gentleman apparently has Indian actresses drooling over him is the boy wonder his every word and gesture is news worthy he has a good agent and publicist, he’s test and first class average is above 40. He gave over 40 runs in four overs in the Asia cup, yet keeps on getting accolades and selection whilst better players are left out seems like a serious case of nepotism.
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Reality Sep 16, 2022 04:09pm
Ostrich behaviour lol
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Isthisreal Sep 16, 2022 05:14pm
It really doesn't matter. He is a great player. I am sure we pronounce a lot of words incorrectly, it's not that big of a deal!
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Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Sep 16, 2022 05:30pm
Bring it on.
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Saira Khan Sep 16, 2022 05:45pm
Indians remain slaves despite getting independence.
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SMI Sep 16, 2022 06:11pm
He doesn't need to pronounce it correctly English is not important to be a good player
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Aam Aadmi Sep 16, 2022 06:47pm
Let’s be clear. In cricket the skills with Bat and the Ball does better talking than the player himself. Period.
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Jo Original Sep 16, 2022 07:16pm
Sad our so called civilized standards are determined by our ability to speak English. Both Indian and Pakistani people have lost self-respect. Instead of promoting own spoken languages we're obsessed with western lifestyles.
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Jo Original Sep 16, 2022 08:12pm
@Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Bring what on?
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Ajmal Sep 16, 2022 08:25pm
Lenovo is a Chinese company. It is most likely a Chinese word. We should know the right pronounciations of Chinese words - they are our iron brothers
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NYS Sep 16, 2022 10:29pm
If he has good playing skill then dont need to disheart on the other side
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Zulfiqar Sep 16, 2022 11:38pm
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Isthisreal Sep 17, 2022 02:17am
@Aamir Akram unimportant, immaterial, insignificant... Whatever, nitpicking.. That's what we are good at.
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shubs Sep 17, 2022 05:46am
@Meeda Hullwala "This gentleman apparently has Indian actresses drooling over him" Please get your head out of India's you-know-where.
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Capt .Adnan Sep 17, 2022 06:30am
LENIVIVO break down, Leni to kar di,Viva la Naseem! Relax guys was lenovo ONLY......He didnt poke fun on anyone about we recall its old name IBM ...ONLY, and then let a few linguists ponder what it stood for ONLY?
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Dawn Sep 17, 2022 07:52am
Naseem Shah let it be Lenivivo- who cares about pronounciation of a foreign language word.
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Yawar Sep 17, 2022 10:23am
We love and respect Naseem Shah no matter what. He is an exceptional bowler and a true patriot. Cant forget that gem of a ball to Kusal Mendis in the final. Also really appreciate Mohd Nawaz's performance and attitude both on and off the field. A true gentleman. Also liked his non-reactions to Naseem's innocent answers.
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Ga Sep 17, 2022 10:52am
He also couldn't pronounce Urvashi Nutella properly.
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