Shadabians unite to give Shadab Khan a boost of support post Asia Cup loss

Shadabians unite to give Shadab Khan a boost of support post Asia Cup loss

Pakistani Twitter is filled with messages of love and support for the cricketer.
13 Sep, 2022

Shadab Khan fans have flooded Pakistani Twitter with only one message on their metaphorical banners to let their hero know they have his back — behind you Shaddy.

The Asia Cup final against Sri Lanka brought with it a bundle of hope but the loss left us with a lot of mixed feelings. For some, the disappointment was too much to take and it had to be directed somewhere. Khan, who missed some crucial catches, became one of the punching bags but this difficult time has only proved Shadabians overpower the haters.

After the match on Sunday, the cricketer took to Twitter to share his remorse over the way he performed, apologising to fans. He also hyped up his teammates, those who stood out on the field and congratulated Sri Lanka. “Catches win matches. Sorry, I take responsibility for this loss. I let my team down. Positives for team, Naseem Shah, Haris Rauf, Mohammad Nawaz and the entire bowling attack was great. Rizwan fought hard. The entire team tried their best. Congratulations to Sri Lanka.”

Khan’s fans rushed to comfort him and the tweets were all filled with messages of positivity and support.

They pointed out that he gave it his 100% despite an injury and commended him.

Fan edits were curated from the moment of a missed catch that captured Khan’s disappointment and captain Babar Azam’s concern.

Fans appreciated Sarfaraz Ahmed’s support for the player.

They said if you’re not there for Khan at his worst, then you don’t deserve him at his best.

Some flying pics of his best catches also made it to the TL.

Coincidence? We think not.

We wish the player a speedy recovery for his comeback in the T20 World Cup next month.