Sexy Team Pak is trending on Twitter but it isn’t for the Pakistan cricket team

Published 08 Sep, 2022 06:16pm

Images Staff

The hashtag was actually created by Pakistan's BTS ARMY for RM's song 'Sexy Nukim' but was usurped by cricket fans eager to praise the team.

<p>Photo: PCB /Instagram</p>

Photo: PCB /Instagram

We’re in the middle of the Asia Cup and with the Pakistan team dominating its matches, Twitter hashtags celebrating the Men in Green have become a big thing. But not everyone’s focusing on cricket. #SexyTeamPak was trending on Twitter a couple of days ago and it turns out, it wasn’t because someone thought the Pakistan cricket team was sexy.

The hashtag was originally created by Pakistani fans of K-pop band BTS’ leader and rapper RM to celebrate his new song ‘Sexy Nukim’. The hashtag was usurped by cricket fans celebrating Pakistan’s win against Afghanistan, baffling the K-pop fans.

Multiple media portals took the hashtag to mean a sign of appreciation or approval by netizens. On Thursday, a member of the fanbase addressed the situation and tweeted that the hashtag was not for the cricket team but for RM’s new song with Balming Tiger.

The Pakistani fan account wrote that the hashtag was made for a streaming battle with Indian fans to get the maximum streams for the song that released on September 1. Both teams from the countries were competing to get the most streams, using the team hashtag, Spotify likes and YouTube playlist views.

The hashtag was announced on September 5.

Nearly a week after the release of the song, the hashtag is still trending on Twitter, but not for the reason the fans wanted.

Clearly, they need to start using BTS’ name in the hashtag to clear up any confusion because this isn’t the first time people have gotten confused on Twitter. In March 2021, army confessions started trending on Twitter, leaving Pakistanis quite confused. That also turned out to be a BTS trend, much to netizens’ confusion.

By now, people should know all about BTS, considering how dedicated Pakistani BTS fans are. They recently went all out for member Jungkook’s birthday and had his face on billboards and on the backs of rickshaws. They also organised a free medical camp in his name!

This year, after releasing their album Proof, the K-pop band announced that they are taking a break to work on solo projects. Since then J-hope released his solo album Jack in the Box, Suga collaborated with ‘Gangnam Style’ singer PSY for ‘That That’ and Jungkook released ‘Left and Right’ with Charlie Puth. RM’s new song is the latest release from a band member.

Formed in 2013, BTS is one of the biggest bands in the world. The K-pop group shot to fame globally for hits like ‘Mic Drop’, ‘Butter’, ‘Permission to Dance’, ‘Idol’ and more. The group consists of seven members — RM, J-hope, V, Jungkook, Suga, Jin and Jimin.