01 Sep, 2022

September 1 is a special day for BTS fans across the world as they go to great lengths to wish main vocalist Jeon Jungkook on his birthday. Pakistan’s BTS ARMY isn’t going to be left behind this year as it lit up digital billboards in Bahawalpur and Multan with birthday wishes for the singer and held a medical camp in the singer’s name.

Jungkook joined BTS at the age of 15 and is often referred as the “Golden Maknae” of the group for being the youngest and multi-talented. The star has now turned 25 and received wishes from his fans around the world.

Here’s what the Pakistani ARMY did for his birthday.


As the clock ticked 8pm (which marks 12am Seoul time) on Wednesday, fans flocked to Twitter and to the landmarks in different cities that lit up to celebrate what they call JK Day. In Bahawalpur, Junkook’s birthday wish was displayed on an LED screen on Wednesday and will carry on till Thursday.

Previously, the same landmark was used to wish Jimin and Suga on their birthdays and to promote their albums.


A whopping total of 150 digital street post billboards were also used to wish Jungkook on the streets of Multan’s Gulgasht Colony. It displayed the same video that played in Bahawalpur.

The same billboards were also used to wish BTS’ J-hope on Feb 16 this year, two days before his actual birthday.


A free medical camp was also set up in Lahore where, according to fan accounts, over 350 patients were treated free of cost by doctors.

The medical camp offered free blood tests, IV drips, diet and nutrition consultation, physiotherapy and medicine facility on Wednesday from 11am to 5pm.


Posters wishing the ‘Bad Decisions’ singer made it to rickshaws in Karachi a few days before his actual birthday for a fan event that was held to celebrate his day.

The poster read that something is coming for “Karachi’s Army” on Jungkook Day, however, no videos from the event have surfaced online yet.

Flood Donations

The fanbase doesn’t just come out from the woodwork during the members’ birthdays. They also donated money to people affected by floods in Sindh and are currently collecting more to donate to others across the country.

If you want to donate, here is an extensive list of organisations accepting donations and working to aid people affected by the floods.

Last year, Jungkook’s birthday billboard in Gujranwala was taken down after a JI politician complained about it. He nonsensically claimed the man in the poster — [Jungkook] — supported homosexuality and hence he deemed it critical to have the poster removed. His claim is not, however, backed up by any evidence in the form of statements or messages by the members of BTS.

This year, after releasing their album Proof, the K-pop band announced that they are taking a break to work on solo projects. Since then J-hope released his solo album Jack in the Box, Suga collaborated with ‘Gangnam Style’ singer PSY for ‘That That’ and Jungkook released ‘Left and Right’ with Charlie Puth.

Formed in 2013, BTS is one of the biggest bands in the world. The K-pop group shot to fame globally for hits like ‘Mic Drop’, ‘Butter’, ‘Permission to Dance’, ‘Idol’ and more. The group consists of seven members — RM, J-hope, V, Jungkook, Suga, Jin and Jimin.


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Bring it on.
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JungKooks Happy Birthday BTS has course spectrum in Pakistan as free medical camp laudable....
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Why is that free is considered a blessing? What matters is to develop ways in the country to stand up on its own feet. Free is addicting
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Government should protect them from religious bigots .
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