Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Abdul Qudoos Bizenjo directs govt to help ‘Kana Yaari’ singer Wahab Bugti

Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Abdul Qudoos Bizenjo directs govt to help ‘Kana Yaari’ singer Wahab Bugti

The 36-year-old musician and his family are residents of Goth Muhammad Umar that has been devastated by the flooding and rain in the province.
24 Aug, 2022

Singer Wahab Bugti, who shot to fame for his Coke Studio hit ‘Kana Yaari’, has had to leave his village of Goth Muhammad Umar in Dera Bugti due to torrential rain that has wreaked havoc in the province and left his village inundated. According to the CM Secretariat, Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Abdul Qadoos Bizenjo has issued instructions to help Bugti.

A senior officer at the CM’s secretariat confirmed to Images that his documents are being prepared and that the CM had ordered special assistance to be provided to Bugti.

The singer and his family has shifted to Dera Murad Jamali, where his friend lives. He has eight children.

Balochistan has suffered a lot due to heavy rain and floods that have inundated several villages and claimed approximately 225 lives and damaged over 26,000 homes, according to PDMA Balochistan. The full extent of the devastation is still unknown.

Bugti is a resident of Goth Muhammad Umar which is located approximately three kilometres from Dera Murad Jamali. The singer told Images that several houses collapsed in his area, which is why he reached out to a friend and relocated to Dera Murad Jamali. He added that only if things go back to normal will he be able to return to his home.

On Wednesday photos emerged online of the singer, his family and other villagers being rescued by the Pakistan Army. However, details of the rescue have not been shared by the military’s media wing.

Bugti, 36, shot to fame through Coke Studio this year alongside Kaifi Khalil and rapper Eva B. Coke Studio producer Xulfi tweeted on Monday and said Coke Studio was providing him assistance.

The singer’s predicament was highlighted on social media by netizens and his colleagues. Photos showed Bugti and his family standing amid debris after the floods.

Khalil and activist Muniba Mazari also took to social media to share the news and ways to help the singer.


Nasir Aug 24, 2022 05:16pm
Every one should get that amazing fame to be considered worthy for rescue? And it begs a second question after such a fame, did he not get enough renumerations to manage himself and clan ?
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Wolf Aug 24, 2022 05:22pm
Chief Minister is billionaire - he should help instead of requesting government which is financially struggling itself.
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Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Aug 24, 2022 05:41pm
Great move and excellent news.
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mua Aug 24, 2022 05:56pm
Good now what about the rest of them, and why are you taking pictures as if you won the world cup, shameful
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Asad khan Aug 24, 2022 06:26pm
Everyone needs help
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Rehan Aug 24, 2022 06:51pm
Lucky that he's somewhat known. If he wasn't, he'd probably wouldn't even be noticed until he was begging for his loved ones bodies to be returned from the rivers.
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M. Emad Aug 24, 2022 08:03pm
Neglected, Poor Balochistan. Neglected, Poor Balochistan singers.
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Ejaz Aug 24, 2022 10:09pm
you need to be a celebrity to be helped and rescued, as pathetic as it can get.
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Shan Aug 24, 2022 10:54pm
One way govt. can him this singer is by doing torture to him which will make him famous overseas. Just like Shahbaz Gill and Jameel Farooqi.
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Maula Jatt Aug 25, 2022 01:57am
Great. I hope all people are being saved there as well
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it's me Aug 25, 2022 09:34am
I hope that other Pakistanis in need, are also given that level of attention, just because they don't have fame doesn't mean to be deprived of help and rescue.
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SaneMind1st Aug 25, 2022 12:33pm
Balochistan. Land of None.
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