‘Sadiq and ameen’ Fakhar Zaman is the talk of the Pak vs India match

‘Sadiq and ameen’ Fakhar Zaman is the talk of the Pak vs India match

The cricketer walked off the field during the Pak vs India Asia Cup match without appeal, declaring himself out for 10.
28 Aug, 2022

A Pakistan versus India cricket match is always eventful for fans as well as the team. During the Asia Cup match against India, Pakistani fans were half wowed and half annoyed over Fakhar Zaman and his sportsmanship.

Pakistan posted a target of 148 runs for India to chase in their much-anticipated Asia Cup 2022 clash at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium. Zaman walking off the pitch without an appeal when he apparently nicked one back to Dinesh Karthik. He walked off the field long before the Indian bowlers had even appealed. His ‘honesty’ has earned him a top spot on Twitter where people aren’t quite sure what to make of it.

Former Pakistan women’s team skipper Sana Mir took to Twitter to appreciate him. She asked who would do this in such a high profile game.

She wasn’t alone in praising his sportsmanship.

Bigg Boss star and actor Aly Goni also praised the cricketer.

People had jokes.

Do you think he was a teacher’s pet?

People were indecisive.

People want to elevate the ‘sadiq and ameen’ cricketer to the prime minister’s officer for a short stint.

What are your thoughts on his sportsmanship? We may be more generous if we win the match…