Fakhar Zaman is the only thing Pakistani Twitter wants to talk about right now

Fakhar Zaman is the only thing Pakistani Twitter wants to talk about right now

After Lahore Qalandars' win over Karachi Kings, people are offering their land and belongings to the cricketer.
Updated 31 Jan, 2022

People expected something new this PSL, but we're pretty sure few expected Fakhar Zaman to become Lahore Qalandars' knight in shining armour. He made 106 runs in the match against Babar Azam's Karachi Kings and single-handedly carried his team to victory. The opener is now being hailed as a hero for Twitteratis and meme-makers who had low expectations from the team, let alone Zaman.

With the seventh edition of the tournament in full swing, the Karachi Kings became the subject of many, many memes for their performance on Sunday and score of 170 runs that was easily chased by Zaman and his team.

Netizens have been appreciating the left-handed batsman for his century that led to the big win.

A fan used Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Scully to express their love and appreciation for the batsman.

Another Twitter user simply wanted to appreciate the effort Zaman put into the match and his performance. The cricket enthusiast wrote, "Fakhar Zaman will go down as one of the greatest big match players in the history of Pakistan Cricket," and we agree!

Another just politely put it out there that he's all about Zaman right now.

One mocked fans of Karachi Kings and the shade is real!

Even tubewells were offered if the former navy serviceman needs them for his own sailing club.

And if you are wondering who IS Fakhar Zaman, this user has the perfect description for you.

Cricketer Fatima Sana also tweeted in appreciation of the batsman. She wrote that Zaman's performance was a "treat to watch".

This user credited Zaman for doing more for Lahore than PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif.

Another meme-maker wanted to give the cricketer his heart.

Netizens took every chance to mock the Karachi Kings and we're not sure if they are going to ever stop.

In the first PSL match, Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan's friendship shone and in the second, Will Smeed and Shoaib Malik were everyone's favourites.


Fastrack Jan 31, 2022 01:11pm
Too funny. Pakistanis have fabulous sense of humour.
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Jan 31, 2022 01:11pm
Well played Fakhar Zaman and congratulations for scoring a long overdue century yesterday for Lahore Qalandars against hosts Karachi Kings in the ongoing seventh edition of the world famous 2022 PSL T/20 Tournament at the historic National Stadium in Karachi, Islamic Republic of Pakistan. As always, keep it up and hang on tough.
Ahmed Jan 31, 2022 01:21pm
They only selected him as an 'alternative' player in the team recently!
Malik Ji Jan 31, 2022 01:26pm
We have nothing else to talk apart from cricket. We spend one Month on a Ramadan and one month goes to PSL viewing. These cricket games are a drain on our productivity and we don't even know it.
Dr. Salaria, Ahmed Part II Jan 31, 2022 01:56pm
Excellent innings!
Tahmad Jan 31, 2022 07:13pm
Fakhar Zaman sent a clear message to Babar Azam that he is still fits and consistent for T20 and ODI matches.
Anonymouseee Feb 01, 2022 02:26am
Fakhar Zaman indeed is a one in a lifetime player. Absolutely a gem to watch. I still remember the day he single handed my thrashed India.
Malang Jan Feb 01, 2022 06:28am
He is a good player.
Usman Feb 01, 2022 12:22pm
Fakahar good come back you are playing better than the World Cup