From Pie in the Sky to Esfir Jewels: Here are some brands who are donating their proceeds to flood relief efforts

Published 28 Aug, 2022 06:42pm

Images Staff

So far, the floods have displaced more than 30 million people across Pakistan and claimed over 1,000 lives.

<p>Photo: AFP</p>

Photo: AFP

With floods affecting most of Pakistan, the people of the country are banding together to do whatever they can to help their fellow country-people. After actors, influencers and content creators using their platforms for the right cause, several brands have now come forward, offering a fraction of their revenue to the people affected by the floods.

If you want to donate, here is a list of organisations accepting donations and working to aid people affected by the floods.

Here are some brands that are donating a percentage of their proceeds to flood relief campaigns.

Esfir Jewels

The brand took to Instagram to announce that they are postponing their upcoming launch with writer Mahvish Ahmad. They also shared that they will be donating 10 per cent of all proceeds this month to flood relief efforts.

Zayfied Cosmetics

Makeup brand Zayfied is also offering 10pc of their proceeds to flood relief efforts. Their post read, “Every order paced on our website for the next two weeks will contribute to help out the people affected by the floods.” The brand also tagged reliable organisations that people can donate to.

Pie in the Sky

Bakery Pie in the Sky made a special post on Instagram dedicated to the people affected by the floods. They announced that for four days they will donate 5pc of their revenue to people affected by the calamity.

B&B Derma

Skincare brand B&B Derma also penned a post thanking their customers for “contributing towards helping several families stranded without basic necessities and the means to feed themselves”. They also wrote that 10pc of all their orders will be going towards flood affectees.

Honey I’m Home

Candle company Honey I’m Home wrote, “Our thoughts and heartfelt prayers are with the flood victims,” and urged everyone to help in whatever capacity they can while also announcing that a part of their revenue will be going towards flood relief through the Alkhidmat Foundation.