The teaser for upcoming drama Wehshi, starring Khushhal Khan as boy-turned-brute Asif, is out

The teaser for upcoming drama Wehshi, starring Khushhal Khan as boy-turned-brute Asif, is out

Wehshi is the story of a man with extreme anger issues after being physically abused as a child.
16 Aug, 2022

Sometimes unresolved childhood trauma manifests itself into issues during adulthood. Asif is one such character whose pent up frustrations as a child turned him into an angry man — a monstrous, wehshi [brute] even. With Khushhal Khan in the lead, new drama Wehshi just released a teaser that reflects the transformation of a physically abused child.

On Monday, HUM TV dropped the short teaser captioned, “Asif, a beloved son of his father becomes a victim of a cruel fate when his father dies. With a stepfather that treats him poorly, the built-up anger and grief reflects in Asif’s personality and leads to him being labelled as wehshi [brute]. Will this title lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy?”

The 22-second clip featured short snippets from young Asif’s life. It started with him blowing out birthday candles with his parents by his side and quickly transitioned to being physically abused by them. An older Asif took then appears on screen with scenes of him screaming, breaking things, smoking and sitting under the shower fully clothed. “Amidst love, hate and you, who turned me into wehshi [a brute]?” he questioned.

Directed by Iqbal Hussain and produced by Momina Duraid Productions, Wehshi is “coming soon”. It has been written by Shumaila Zaidi and also stars Nadia Khan, Shamil Khan, Madiha Rizvi, Babar Ali, Komail Anam and others.

Starting off as a model, Khushhal is establishing himself as an actor as well. He has starred in teen web-series Midsummer Chaos, family drama Qissa Meherbano Ka and Mahira Khan’s Aik Hai Nigar, based on the life and career of Lieutenant General Nigar Johar. He also made a special appearance in Usman Mukhtar’s horror film Gulabo Rani.