Zarnish Khan says she’s against abusive relationships and the context of her ‘compromise’ statement was misunderstood

Zarnish Khan says she’s against abusive relationships and the context of her ‘compromise’ statement was misunderstood

The actor reminded netizens she had said it wasn't specific to women and men need to be educated in "the same way".
03 Aug, 2022

Zarnish Khan recently touched upon a potentially controversial topic when she defended a post in which a woman was asked to compromise. However, the actor had generalised this expectation instead of attributing it to one gender. Some people seemed to have missed out on that and the Sun Yaara actor has issued another statement clarifying for those who misunderstood her words.

On Wednesday, Khan shared an Instagram story elaborating on the matter for those who took something else from it. “I know the context pretty well and I haven’t written anything regarding or against that! I’m only talking about the ‘slogans, statements and memes’ that create negative energy and endorse wrong ideas,” she wrote.

Reminding netizens that her opinion was never genderised, she said, “Another thing I added to the statement was to educate your boys the same way so we never have to face such issues in the first place! Some of you surprise to my core with your mind-numbing assumptions and conclusions.”

She spelled it out in simple words, concluding, “P.S. I highly condemn insensitive behaviour as well as mentally or physically abusive relationships.”

The Ye Dil Mera actor had shared a post on her Instagram story on Monday where an elderly woman was seen wiping the tears of a younger one, telling her she has to compromise. “Just a thought, why do we attach a negative connotation to such statements? There’s nothing wrong with knowing and understanding that life is all about compromises regardless of whatever the situation might be,” she had written.

She also said if it were up to her, she would’ve added “her son or a guy” to the photo, purportedly implying that both parties should compromise. “Theek ko kharab karnay ke bajaye sahi ko behtar karnay pe focus kerna chahiay dor-e-jahiliat se bachnay ke liay [Instead of wrecking something that’s already fine, we should focus on improving what is already okay so we save ourselves from the era of ignorance],” she had said.