Nadia Hussain reminds women to get regular blood tests to understand changes in their bodies caused by vitamin deficiencies

Published 02 Aug, 2022 02:34pm

Images Staff

The model shared her personal experience of weight gain and lethargy caused by elements missing from her diet.

<p>Photo: Nadia Hussain/Instagram</p>

Photo: Nadia Hussain/Instagram

Nadia Hussain has some wisdom to pass onto others stemming from her personal experience. The model noticed some unusual changes in her body and decided to get them checked. She found out what crucial elements are missing from her diet that she needs to stay healthy and wants everyone to be aware of their bodies so they can take care of themselves better.

On Tuesday, she posted a video and shared what she has been going through with her followers on Instagram. She captured the gist of it in the caption and wrote, “A special message for all the women (and even men!!!) — please keep getting various blood tests done to keep a check on what’s happening inside your body!! Lots of symptoms are related to deficiencies or changes in body systems which one might not be able to understand. Please regularly consult a doctor.”

Adding that this is not a sponsored video, Hussain started, “Today’s video is a very special video especially for all the women out there. Recently I noticed some changes in my body, I was gaining a lot of weight around my belly [and] there was regular bloating in my body. Other than that, while working out I felt like I had no stamina, I had no energy. There was an overall feeling of lethargy.”

The model revealed that she had some tests done only to find out she is deficient in thyroid, vitamin D, iron and vitamin B12, which ensure the body’s metabolism stays active. “In their deficiency, your metabolism becomes slow because of which you gain weight easily, you have no energy, you feel fatigued and irritable, and an element of depression also steps in,” she explained. Hussain has started taking vitamin D, thyroxine, iron and vitamin B12 supplements.

“Actually, I’ve been pretty regular with my vitamins and supplements but for the past year and a half I had been slacking. All of a sudden now these changes have happened. So I really wanted to give a message to all the women out there — please get a blood test to check for all these things — whether you have anaemia or some deficiency. These tests, such as a liver function test, cholesterol test, urine and kidney function test, you should be getting done regularly,” she said.

Hussain hopes she’ll start feeling better eventually with a regular dose of medication. “Normally I’m very energetic but during exercise I [have been] thinking I really really have to push myself. So this is my message for all the women out there, please keep getting blood tests done and keep a check on your body to understand what’s going on inside. Sometimes we think we’re gaining weight because of our diet but there could definitely be a lot of deficiencies in your body as well,” she concluded.