The Pakistan cricket team losing to Sri Lanka doesn’t make netizens love Babar Azam any less

The Pakistan cricket team losing to Sri Lanka doesn’t make netizens love Babar Azam any less

Sri Lanka beat Pakistan on the final day of the second Test series but Twitter was full of praise for the Pakistani skipper.
28 Jul, 2022

The Sri Lanka versus Pakistan Test series cemented something we already knew — Babar Azam is everyone’s favourite player. Even when Sri Lanka won the match by 246 runs on Thursday, Twitter was full of praise for the Pakistani captain.

The skipper has also reached a new milestone — securing the third spot in the ICC’s ranking for top batsman in every format.

Azam stood unbeaten in Pakistan’s monumental chase of 508 runs up until Sri Lankan spinner Prabath Jayasuriya took two wickets on day five to lead his team to victory in the second Test. Sri Lanka won by 246 runs on the fifth day of the series.

For this Twitter user, Azam was the last hope for the people of Pakistan.

“Imagine the pressure on that guy, batting his team out of the pressure situations, scoring almost 60 per cent of the team runs every time, batting with the tail-enders,” wrote one user, who called Azam “truly the best”.

For this one it’s Babar versus Sri Lanka.

He’s a “one man army”.

People were praising the GOAT for his form.

Whether you win or lose, we still love you, wrote some netizens.

Azam’s smile is enough for this user.

For this user what’s important is to cherish the team for “the best times” they gave us.

Azam wasn’t the only cricketer being appreciated.

This user reasoned that we can’t expect one man to rescue us every match. “Babar is always batting as a lone warrior,” they wrote.

What were your thoughts on the match?


Omveer Singh Jul 28, 2022 02:14pm
Cricket is a team game. Not a game of individual gladiators who play for personal glory.
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Dr Nouman Jul 28, 2022 02:44pm
Congratulations Srilanka. Guessing SL isn’t Zimbabwe
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Ansar Jul 28, 2022 02:52pm
@Omveer Singh Calling cricket a team game is insulting to other team games.
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M Emad Jul 28, 2022 02:55pm
Defeated Babar Azam.
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anonymous Jul 28, 2022 03:13pm
playing for personal glory and even running out partners ..
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Irfan Saleem Jul 28, 2022 03:23pm
As good a player babar Azam is,can't vouch for his captaincy credentials..he seems to be quite poor tactically backed by poor coaching staff .How on earth can you go with three fast bowlers on a proven spin heaven of galle,which he did during the first test .Everyone knows the fragilities of Pak batting and then you go with such thin batting line up where Nawaz,who has a poor batting record,bats at 7.Again going with so many bowlers ,when you jus need couple of good spinners to do the job for you in galle.Also,he backing of Hassan Ali and other below par performers on regular basis ,who don't perform at all,raises lot of questions.
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Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Jul 28, 2022 03:35pm
Well played Babar Azam. As always, keep it up and hang on tough.
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Zeeshan Jul 28, 2022 03:37pm
Fantastic batsman but poor captain.
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MATLOB Jul 28, 2022 03:46pm
No words about babar,he just hero
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GreenAura Jul 28, 2022 03:53pm
Well played SL. A strong SL is good for cricket and good for Pakistan. Pakistanis never forget the love shown to us by SL in times of hardship when India dissuaded so many from touring our nation. We hope our tour has helped lift some of the gloom.
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Murli Jul 28, 2022 04:59pm
Babar is s great crickter and good human being. Winning and Loosing are part of the same coin. All the best for to you Babar, going forward.
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Pak Patriot Jul 28, 2022 05:05pm
Pakistan Team batsmen who play one good innings and then take it easy for the next five games, should be dropped from the team. These are tactics of the Old team. If Pakistan want's to be on the TOP, then we must keep players who are Consistant.
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Zahaib Jul 28, 2022 05:27pm
@Omveer Singh your comment reminded me of Sachin Tendulkar who only played for himself ... never for his team.
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Seedoo Jul 28, 2022 06:54pm
Babar seems to be carrying the entire team on his shoulders. Others need to step up, especially the bowlers
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Changez Khan Jul 28, 2022 07:33pm
Pakistan and Sri Lanka are 1 - 1. So chill.
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Khawaja Ikram Ul Haq Jul 28, 2022 07:50pm
we will have to drop baber azam so that he can rest...he is no longer the mainstay of the team...his complete failure against sri lanka spinners is a case in point...failure is pretty pathetic whether it is of hamza shebaz or baber azam...he must notice his own flaws and rectify them...
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Truth Jul 29, 2022 12:25am
good batsman but average captain. good aggressive mindset, but surviving on chances and running out batsmen, also poor team selection and strategy and dropping catches. All of this would’ve worked at home, or against lesser teams.
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Uyghyr ahmadi Jul 29, 2022 12:55am
Stop spinning our miserable loss into a win
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Danial Jul 29, 2022 06:59am
Rizwan ..fawad alam and Salam lost bcz of them .didn't take responsibility
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riaz Jul 29, 2022 08:13am
Babar is a very good bat, and he cant do it all the time. Others need to take responsibility. Rizwan had a relatively poor series, and Fawad and Azhar two seniors are done in my opinion.
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riaz Jul 29, 2022 08:18am
others really need to produce consistently. I for one knew Abdullah after his mammoth was not going to score in the 2nd ....other batters should contribute, i think Rizwan and Salman are batting too high ....we are lacking at least 2 decent batters, why was Shan not used is unbelievable?
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Tariq Jul 29, 2022 09:40am
How many times Babar going to save the other 9 players.
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Who is She Jul 29, 2022 10:34am
Hassan is the main Culprit! Please tell me how many wickets he took?
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Sam Jul 29, 2022 10:45am
@Omveer Singh yes its a team game and team need to perform well ...what can babar do if all are unable to make runs and hes able to score big most of the time...Its just show how capable he is....And bro if kohli is not making runs its not babar fault ...Hope he do well against Zimbabwe and return in form..
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