Action-packed film Zarrar releases teaser for song ‘Haaray’ by Umair Jaswal

Published 27 Jul, 2022 03:46pm

Images Staff

The film will hit theatres in September.

<p>Photo: Zarrar The Film/YouTube</p>

Photo: Zarrar The Film/YouTube

After a couple years of waiting, action-packed film Zarrar is finally ready to be released and Umair Jaswal is reeling in fans with a teaser for his song for the film called ‘Haaray’.

On Monday, the short clip was shared on Zarrar’s YouTube channel captioned, “Presenting ‘Haaray’ by Umair Jaswal from Zarrar The Film, directed & written by Shaan Shahid.” It added that the movie will be releasing in cinemas this September.

The teaser offered a glimpse of the film with some dark scenes where a woman (Kiran Malik) is seemingly in prison — a flashlight checking on her in the cell with her feet soaking in water, her lying on the jail floor by the toilet and another scene where she’s seen through the bars. It also featured a dialogue by Shahid, “I swear by this country that I will not let any of this nation’s enemies live.”

Jaswal shared a tiny teaser of his own on his Instagram account, a joint post with Zarrar captioned, “Umair Jaswal is the voice of Zarrar’s official soundtrack ‘Haaray’. Releasing soon!!!”

The film was initially supposed to release in 2020 but was postponed. The trailer, dark and full of action, was released the same year. Shahid plays the titular Zarrar, who was in a special unit of the ISI. In a world where “wars don’t die,” he wants to find peace.

The trailer also showed Malik as Shahid’s love interest who seems to get captured and tortured by the enemy. Nayyar Ejaz plays a villain hoping for a dark future for Pakistan. We don’t see a lot of Nadeem Baig in it but he was heavily featured in the teaser of the film.