Shaan Shahid's gift this March 23 is Zarrar's action-packed trailer

Shaan Shahid's gift this March 23 is Zarrar's action-packed trailer

The actor is in a special unit of the ISI and the love of his life has been captured by the enemy.
Updated 24 Mar, 2020

Shaan Shahid has a gift for us this March 23 and it's the trailer to his upcoming film.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, majority of us are in lockdown and quarantine mode and the actor knew just how to make us all feel better.

Zarrar's trailer dropped with the caption, "Let’s celebrate Pakistan Day and save this country in these stressful times."

"As responsible citizens, we bring you the trailer of the most entertaining, most anxiously awaited blockbuster of the year. Stay at home and celebrate with Zarrar!"

The trailer is dark and full of action. Shaan Shahid plays titular character Zarrar, who was in a special unit of the ISI. In a world where "wars don't die," he wants to find peace.

The trailer also shows Kiran Malik as Shahid's love interest who seems to get captured and tortured by the enemy.

Nayyar Ejaz plays a villain hoping for a dark future for Pakistan. We don't see a lot of Nadeem Baig here but we don't mind since he was heavily featured in the teaser.

There is still no release date for Zarrar although it is set to come out this year. However, with the terrifying growth of Covid-19 cases, there is a chance the release be postponed.


Dragons Mar 23, 2020 08:52pm
That's badass..Shan rocks!
Sami Mar 23, 2020 09:21pm
Brilliant trailer cant wait. I just hope they dont spoil the film with too many English dialogues
Alih Mar 23, 2020 09:28pm
Shan is the only one taking everything on his own in movie making. Very well done to him.
Desi Dimag Mar 23, 2020 09:33pm
Is that Pakistan? Seriously?
Indian Mar 23, 2020 09:33pm
Releasing when?
Zain Colombo Mar 23, 2020 10:25pm
Looks fantastic , I have been always a big fan of Shan !! Trailer looks clean and smooth !
Common Sense Mar 23, 2020 10:52pm
This will be a terrible movie. The trailer itself looks bad.
Ami Mar 23, 2020 11:23pm
shahzad khan Mar 24, 2020 12:53am
wow nice
Azhar awan Mar 24, 2020 03:30am
What good in it, all about enemies of Pakistan
Toni Mar 24, 2020 04:48am
Shaan is quality, we have so many good actors boys and girls, and now we are making good films too, well done to the young generation, keep going, make Pakistan a Paradise again.
Sameer Mar 24, 2020 06:07am
@Desi Dimag no,this was Shan in India.
Daanish Mar 24, 2020 07:31am
Love it, must watch !!
Aamir Mar 24, 2020 08:55am
Great trailer. Well worth the wait.
Jz Mar 24, 2020 11:17am
Shaan can release the movie on Netflix if the pandemic is the issue. I'm sure he's gonna get international audience to appriciate his work.
Salim Mar 24, 2020 01:06pm
Can't make out what's going on!
Rimsha Mar 24, 2020 03:06pm
Nice trailer. Shan Rock on
Ak18dar Mar 24, 2020 04:33pm
As always, the dialogue is a bit ropey.. other than that.. can't wait..
Fazi Mar 24, 2020 05:08pm
A good topic to make a movie on, it was needed for a long time and finally its here when the situation is better in Pakistan and Tourism was at its peak just days before the Covid 19 Virus thing. I hope the film will give a Good message to the whole world and deliver our perspective tactfully.
Glen D'Abreo Mar 25, 2020 07:34am
This is a shabby copy of Homeland from Showtime ? with the English dialogues he is confirming the fact that copying from the West is no big deal?