Netizens want someone to take away Hira Mani's social media after her 'irresponsible' comments on Dua Zehra case

Netizens want someone to take away Hira Mani's social media after her 'irresponsible' comments on Dua Zehra case

The actor wrote that she hoped Dua and Zaheer never separate, drawing massive criticism online.
Updated 27 Jul, 2022

Netizens are disappointed with actor Hira Mani for "misusing her fame" and platform and making some irresponsible comments. The actor stirred controversy after she said she doesn't want Dua Zehra — a Karachi girl who was reported as kidnapped in April but later found to have purportedly 'eloped' in Punjab — and her supposed husband Zaheer to part ways.

On Monday, the Ibn-e-Hawwa actor took to Instagram and wrote, "I want Dua Zehra and Zaheer to never separate. I am sure Allah will listen to my prayer."

Her Instagram story was met with backlash on social media, after which she posted a followup statement: "I'm not politically right but emotionally correct. That's why I am Hira Mani."

Her remarks came a day after Dua Zehra was moved to Karachi from Lahore and placed in a child protection centre in the city on the orders of the court. On April 16, Dua's parents filed a first information report alleging that their daughter had been kidnapped.

After nearly 10 days, on April 26, the teenager was recovered from Okara. In a video statement that day, Dua had said that she wasn't kidnapped and had married Zaheer of her "free will".

Public interest in the case has been very high, ever since the first reports of abduction. A report submitted to the Sindh High Court determined that as per the opinion of doctors and the Civil Hospital’s department of radiology, Dua Zehra's bone age was between 16 and 17 years of old, thus making this a case of child marriage.

The actor's statement in support of Dua Zehra and Zaheer caused even more controversy, since the case is of child marriage and possible abduction.

Taking to Twitter, one user urged the actor to stop misusing her fame and suggested she read before giving opinions. She also said that there's enough evidence for Mani to not romanticise the situation.

Some said that her social media needs to be taken away.

One user believed that Mani needs "proper help" and that it's time someone educated her. "She needs to be told that not everything is a joke and Dua is just a kid who was apparently kidnapped," they wrote.

One user said that Mani never "fails to disappoint" them.

One user thought nothing could be worse than Hira Mani's singing but her opinions have turned out to be even worse.

Another thought she dropped something.

Influencer and Baarwan Khiladi actor Khaqan Shahnawaz took to his Instagram stories to slam Mani. "Dua Zehra case has progressed to a point where it was proven in a court of law using DNA evidence. This isn't a joke. She's a child that was kidnapped. Someone explain this to Hira Mani," he wrote.

He said people like her "need to either go back to school or get psychological help because every time they open their mouths, it hurts human kind one way or the other!"

Shahnawaz also wrote that he is still in shock after her comment and he will not stay silent just because he is an up and coming actor and she's a well established figure in the industry.

This isn't the first time Hira Mani has been slammed for something she has said. The actor was heavily criticised for backing husbands who taunt their wives to lose weight. In an interview she had revealed that her husband often compares her to Bollywood actors like Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone to push her to lose weight.

If nothing else, we hope Hira Mani learns when to comment on something and what is best left alone. With 6.9 million followers on Instagram, she should know that her words hold weight and can influence people. Commenting on such a sensitive case that is still being heard in court and involves people's lives is both irresponsible and unnecessary.


Love Your Country Jul 26, 2022 01:12pm
Anybody heard about NADRA records in this case? Please comment.
Ali Mehdi Jul 26, 2022 01:53pm
What if Dua was Hira Mani’s own child influenced to run away n go against her own parents. Would she have not taken steps to protect her kid. Would she have not cried her eyes out to bring her child back to her safe protection. Would she still have made the same statement. Can’t she see the plight of Dua’s parents. Can’t she feel their pain. Couldn’t you be in the shoes of Dua’s parents. Very stupid.
afaque Jul 26, 2022 01:53pm
Please stop uplifting these so called celebreties. There is nothing positive comming from them now a days. Please someone educate her ; there is difference between love and forceful kidnapping and emotional torture.
Abrar Jul 26, 2022 01:53pm
@Love Your Country NADRA records are not 100% accurate people provide incorrect information of their kids so that their kids have advantage over other kids, this is real and happen in our country.
Speak truth Jul 26, 2022 02:14pm
Any one who will speak the truth will face backlash because of one "sect" power control, even a blind person can see the truth listening to the whole story that it wasn't a kidnap case but love marriage case ,hira mani is sure brave
asif Jul 26, 2022 02:17pm
Very well said and some shame to hIra Máni she proved again that she is brain less
Pan Cheng Jul 26, 2022 02:18pm
Hira Mani is old enough to decide - who to support or say. None of you - 'Khudai Foujdar! Leave the lady alone. she is Fully entitled to her views.
Ziad Jul 26, 2022 02:51pm
When you turn useless, talentless and brainless people into celebrities, then dont be surprised when they spew rubbish on public forums!
Mahnaz Qaiser Jul 26, 2022 02:55pm
Dua is not even an adult,stupid woman!
Mahnaz Qaiser Jul 26, 2022 02:59pm
Hira’s comment is as bad as her acting skills.
Syed Hasni Jul 26, 2022 03:39pm
I think readers are tough on Hira, people have the right to have their opinions. You think all the laws which are prevalent in the so called first world are right, Just like Marijuana legalization. She may be feeling that 16 is an appropriate age to make a decision about his or her partner, public may disagree with it but you can take the right away from an intelligent woman to think independently- keep it up Hira- keep expressing yourself.
Shaique Jul 26, 2022 04:28pm
@Ali Mehdi Means ypu agree that she was not kidnapped, she eloped apni marzi se.
Umar Jul 26, 2022 04:32pm
@Pan Cheng Underage marriage is illegal under Pakistani law, would you share the same energy for other crimes under the law like theft? She's publically showing support for a felony and deserves all the criticism coming her way.
Hasnain Jul 26, 2022 05:32pm
badnam honge to kiya naam na hoga!!
well-wisher Jul 26, 2022 05:34pm
She must be free to express her wishes. Just leave her alone.
Ahmed Jul 26, 2022 06:34pm
Hira Mani, Dua Zehra case is reality not the plot of your drama. You are not in the shoe of Dua Zehra's parents. But Hira had admitted in "Jeto Pakistan", " I am not strong in intellect". Hira Mani ji, every time emotions cannot help. You are good actress and that is your excellence. You need to study law and sociology to comment on Dua Zehra case.
Love Your Country Jul 26, 2022 06:44pm
@Abrar - OMG you are saying all NADRA records are unreliable and must be ignored completely in all cases!
Alih Kazmi Jul 26, 2022 06:47pm
Regardless of her age, she needs her father's consent, that is if you believe in the Islamic law. That is only true for a female's first marriage.
Seema Durani Jul 26, 2022 06:57pm
I’m shocked to know that this brainless, merciless woman has 6.9 million followers on Instagram! What have we become? Why our standards have gone down so low? Why do people follow these kind of uneducated, hunger of fame and money creatures. These so called celebrities are the main cause of the downfall of our society.
Alih Kazmi Jul 26, 2022 06:58pm
@Speak truth We all have our 'truths', don't expect others to speak your truth.
Alih Kazmi Jul 26, 2022 07:01pm
When you blindly follow Western culture celebrities replace intellectuals.
Seema Durani Jul 26, 2022 07:17pm
Please stop following these kind of brainless, shameless, merciless, uneducated people. People like her are responsible for the many evils of our society.
Nazeer ahmed Jul 26, 2022 08:53pm
Hira Mani is became insane and psycho sane after few irresponsible and childish attitude towards highly emotional issues and her emotional vedio went viral.
Asif Jul 26, 2022 10:24pm
She is good girl.
Omamah Khan Jul 27, 2022 04:32am
she just wated to get attention.....And she got it....that was the main motive...this is normal for celebrities who are not in lime light and do things so that media can write about them..loosers playing with the life of other for their own sake..
Nazir Husain Jul 27, 2022 06:27am
The child of 17 is an adult according to shariah. Sindh marriage act is against the shariah. It’s not up to us to decide in this matter.
nk Jul 27, 2022 10:34am
While scaling the height of popularity in showbiz now it looks the stardom has made her arrogant and a little bit crazy.