After hosting, acting and singing, Hira Mani sets her sights on YouTube

After hosting, acting and singing, Hira Mani sets her sights on YouTube

The actor is launching her channel today with a "big surprise".
27 May, 2022

Hira Mani has had a versatile career and she's not afraid to shake it up some more — the actor is launching her own YouTube channel today (Friday) and by the sound of it, she plans on starting off with a bang.

On Thursday, Mani posted a video on her Instagram and announced her new launch channel, building hype by telling fans she's got something big in store.

"SURPRISE ALERT! To find out, don't forget to watch my YouTube channel tomorrow! Stay tuned!!! Any guesses as to what the surprise is?" the Do Bol actor asked her followers in her caption. She reminded them to subscribe to her channel and concluded with the hashtag #HiraManiFantasy, possibly hinting at something for the launch.

She addressed fans and emphasised that she's full of surprises. "Hira Mani keeps surprising people — first I took up comedy then I hosted, then I acted in emotional dramas that make you cry and then I went for singing and held concerts. I keep surprising you guys like this [and] I have another great [one] for you — all those who want me to have a YouTube channel, I am launching my own channel tomorrow with a really big surprise. Stay tuned!"

"Fantasy" may actually be a key part of the surprise as Mani shared the announcement video on her Instagram story and added the word without any explanation.

Fans have already started speculating as to what the Meray Paas Tum Ho actor might be up to this time. They're also dropping video suggestions in the comment section.

The mom of two arrived in showbiz as popular radio and television host and actor Mani’s new wife. Her gift of gab got her chattering away in guest appearances and soon she was seen co-hosting a chand raat show with her hubby dearest. Then followed Hum 2 Hamara Show and soon they became a popular star couple doing the Hira Mani Show.

Then, in 2015, the host turned actor and bagged her first Momina Duraid serial Preet Na Kariyo Koi opposite Ahsan Khan. Today, she has cut a niche for herself as an actor with hits such as Bilqees Urf Bitto, Pagli, Sun Yaara, Yaqeen Ka Safar, Thaiss and Mera Khuda Jane.