Yumna Zaidi has some netizens teary-eyed with her new drama Bakhtawar

Published 18 Jul, 2022 05:37pm

Images Staff

The drama is about a headstrong young woman trying to escape her troubled home, difficulties and pain.

<p>Photo: Screen-grab /HUM TV</p>

Photo: Screen-grab /HUM TV

This has been quite the year for Yumna Zaidi. After Sinf-e-Aahan, Parizaad and Ishq-e-Laa, she’s back on our TV screens with a new drama Bakhtawar. Most viewers enjoyed the first episode and Zaidi’s acting skills.

The first episode of the show aired on Sunday, July 17, and according to HUM TV, it’s the story of a “young headstrong girl trying to escape her troubled home, difficulties and pain, and create a better tomorrow for herself.”

People were quick to head to Twitter to review the pilot and one user wrote that they were impressed by Zaidi’s acting.

Another wrote that they were impressed by the storyline of Bakhtawar and that it got them “teary-eyed”.

For this user, the raw sisterly bond shown in the drama had their heart.

Another believed that Zaidi could “create chemistry” with anyone.

For this user, Bakhtawar was giving “high-level Parizaad vibes”.

Another user believed that the new show was another “masterpiece” by the TV channel.

But there were also some users who weren’t as impressed. For one user, Bakhtawar gave them a female version of Main Abdul Qadir Hoon.

Another said that the first episode was “horribly” done, be it the editing or its direction. They also hoped for improvement and said they don’t “want to see the potential of a good script and Yumna Zaidi go wasted.”

Bakhtawar airs every Sunday at 8pm on HUM TV. It has been written by Nadia Akhtar, directed by Shahid Shafaat and produced by Momina Duraid.

The cast includes Zaidi, Zaviyar Nauman Ejaz, Saqib Sameer, Mizna Waqas, Noreen Gulwani, Shamoon Abbasi, Sunil Shankar, Huma Nawab and Adnan Shah.