Netizens’ emotions are all over the place as they cheer on the finale of Ms. Marvel

Netizens’ emotions are all over the place as they cheer on the finale of Ms. Marvel

Titled 'No Normal', the finale saw Kamala owning her superhero identity in more ways than one.
14 Jul, 2022

This article contains spoilers for the season finale of Ms Marvel

The much-talked about Disney+ show Ms. Marvel has finally come to an end but it has left netizens wanting more. Starring Iman Vellani as the teen superhero, the show earned a soft spot in the hearts of desis all over for her Pakistani roots.

On July 13, the last episode titled ‘No Normal’ aired which saw Kamala reach her full potential as Night Light, a superhero name she dislikes and wants to get rid of. The episode opens to her returning to Jersey City where she reveals her true identity to her family while also helping out Kamran (Rish Shah) with the help of her best friends Bruno (Matt Lintz) and Nakia (Yasmeen Fletcher).

Netizens took to Twitter to share their favourite moments and takeaways from the series. This Twitter user believes that the show is a “catalyst to start healing inter-generational trauma,” and lauded Kamala’s parents for embracing their daughter and her powers. “This is the love we need to see in our families and in our community,” they wrote.

Another confessed that they had “low expectations” for the show but it turned out to be a fun experience.

For this user Ms. Marvel is cute and charming with just a “touch of normalcy to help it feel grounded.”

Some even cried watching the finale.

This user praised Vellani and called her a “revelation”, saying that the show itself was by far their favourite Marvel Studios project and had them feeling all kinds of emotions.

Like a lot of viewers and fans, this Twitter user is waiting for The Marvels, a film that will see Kamala fight side by side with her idol Captain Marvel. The film was announced at the end of the last episode with a post credit scene that hints at the beginning of a new adventure.

Another Twitter user agreed that Ms. Marvel isn’t perfect but said they enjoyed it from “a cultural standpoint”.

This user just wanted the caps donned by Bruno and Kamran and, honestly, we want them too. Maybe Sheikh Abdullah (Laith Nakli) could hook us up with some caps as well as the ice-cream pizza he promised.

The show also stars Zenobia Shroff as Muneeba Khan, Mohan Kapoor as Yusuf Khan, parents of Kamala, Aramis Knight as Karim from The Red Dagger group, Farhan Akhtar as Waleed, Fawad Khan as Hasan, Mehwish Hayat as Aisha, Samina Ahmed as Sana, Nimra Bucha as Najma, Travina Springer, Laurel Marsden and Azhra Usman.

The show has six episodes in total. While they are available on Disney+ they are also currently being screened in theatres in Pakistan. The last two episodes will premiere on July 15.