‘Hasan Nana had no business being this hot’: 10 thirst tweets about Fawad Khan’s appearance in Ms Marvel

Updated 07 Jul, 2022 05:26pm

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Pakistani Twitter is collectively simping over the actor and believes episode 5 should be called "The Fawad Khan episode".

<p>Photo: reblmoon/Twitter</p>

Photo: reblmoon/Twitter

Fawad Khan has officially entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a bang — and many, many thirst tweets.

When a glimpse of the actor’s photo in episode four had Pakistani Twitter losing it in anticipation, we knew this Wednesday’s Ms Marvel episode was going to shake Pakistani Twitter. And shake it did.

From commenting on Hasan Nana’s hotness to Mehwish Hayat’s pregnancy in the show, netizens are collectively simping over the actor.

There was subtle admiration of his beauty with some Mashallahs.

And then there was this.

Hasan Nana is a real fan favourite.

Fans are applauding the show for its accuracy.

His beauty is timeless.

Khan’s appearance has attracted more viewers to the show.

The world is on a healing a journey and Khan is leading that journey.

Someone contact director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy!

Khan’s name in the show — Hasan — may be paying tribute to his role in the 2010 Hum TV drama Dastaan, which was also about Partition.

Have you watched the episode yet or were you also waiting for Khan to show up before you start?