Actor Tanveer Jamal passes away in Japan

Actor Tanveer Jamal passes away in Japan

Fellow actors Faysal Quraishi and Aijaz Aslam remember him as a gentle, kind man.
13 Jul, 2022

Veteran PTV actor Tanveer Jamal has passed away in Japan after battling cancer.

Bulbulay actor Nabeel Zafar confirmed that Jamal passed away Wednesday morning at a hospital in Japan.

Fellow actor Faysal Quraishi said Jamal was in the dramas Khalish and Zakham with him. “When I was doing Zakham, around the end of 2020, that’s when I learnt more about him. He may have been older than me but we were good friends,” he said.

“We had a cordial relationship for a long time. He wanted to make a film and we wanted to do it together but I had an issue with my dates and he ended up casting someone else,” he said.

“But what a man. He was so full of life and just so much fun. You could sit and talk to him for hours. He was just like a friend with his juniors. At the end, all that is left are your conversations and these memories,” he said.

The actor said he last spoke to Jamal on June 20 and he wasn’t really able to speak. “His lungs had totally collapsed,” he said.

He offered a prayer for Jamal’s soul and hoped that God would grant him peace.

Actor Aijaz Aslam said he had only acted alongside Jamal once or twice but as a producer, he had worked on projects with Jamal. “He was a wonderful human being. We had quite a good friendship, I used to meet him at his house in Lalazar. I last met him five or six months ago and also spoke to him on the phone,” he said.

He recalled that Jamal painted and had once gifted him one of his paintings. “He was a very nice gentle man, very decent. His [family] lived in Japan.”

Aslam said whatever time they spent together, they had a wonderful time. He called theirs a very long association. “His father and my father were friends and played chess together. So because of that I used to meet him quite a bit.”

He called the news a “sudden shock”. “He was trying to survive [the cancer] but the sad part is that he died very young. May God grant him a place in heaven.”

Social media too was full of messages praying for Jamal’s soul.

Jamal starred in a number of dramas during his long career, including Teri Raza and Tasweer.