10 Jul, 2022

Eid is about family, celebration and food! But sometimes, it’s difficult to put together such a huge meal on short notice.

That’s why we’ve prepared a list of some easy yet impressive dishes to add to your Eid feast this year. We’ve got an appetiser, main meal, drink and dessert ready for you to make!

Chicken Vol-Au-Vent

Yes, yes, Eid is about meat, but there is no harm in a chicken appetiser, especially when it’s as delicious and light as Chicken Vol-Au-Vent, adding a touch of elegance to the dinner table.

Check out the recipe by Maliha Diwan here.

Roghan Josh

A main meat dish on the dinner table is inevitable, especially on Eidul Azha. Take things up a notch and try out this deliciously aromatic roghan josh.

Check out the recipe by Bisma Tirmizi here.

Mango Lime Cooler

Don’t be basic with soft drinks this Eid. Make the most of the mangoes this season, all golden in their full glory, and try out this mango lime cooler.

Check out the recipe by Aamnah Arshad here.

No-Churn Mango Ice Cream

And don’t forget the dessert! It’s always easy to play it safe with plain old chocolate cake for dessert. However, since it is mango season, it would almost be unfair to not incorporate the fruit in a desert. Beat the heat with this easy and impressive desert this Eid, one that goes a long way from a generic cake.

Check out the recipe by Aamnah Arshad here.

Which of these recipes would you try?