Faysal Quraishi shares 'first and last look' of discontinued film Sorry

Faysal Quraishi shares 'first and last look' of discontinued film Sorry

The actor and producer shelved the film after years of struggle and apologised to his fans.
02 Jul, 2022

Faysal Quraishi is parting ways with his film Sorry, a project that took years in the making and faced a lot of friction until ultimately, it had to be shelved. The actor and producer apologised to his fans who "lovingly waited" for the film and released a "first and last look" for them in the form of a teaser as a "parting gift".

On Friday, he shared the teaser and wrote, "Presenting the first and last look of Sorry: A Love Story, produced by FQ films and SJ films, directed by Sohail Javed, producer Faysal Quraishi and written by Asma Nabeelan and Sohail Javed."

The video started off with a man walking in snow as the dialogue "If you find love, don't let it go and if you lose it, set off in search of it" played in the background. The entire teaser consisted of scenic visuals such as a car approaching the camera on a misty, deserted street at night and a sun-kissed beach. Dramatic dialogues accompanied such scenes like "Two comets can't light up the night sky".

The words "A story of love, loss and heartache" flashed in the middle of the teaser as it shifted to scenes where the characters were in distress. The male lead was seen flipping off people as he leaves his workplace, him crashing and falling onto the ground, the female lead crying and angrily slashing the air, and a fight scene at a club.

A couple of hours prior to the release of the first look, Quraishi posted a video with Sohail Javed with whom he produced the film. He first clarified to his followers that though people were spreading lies about some bad blood between the two, there was no such thing.

He revealed the main purpose for filming this video. "What I'm going to talk about today is very painful for me, but more so for Sohail because it was his baby. It is a very painful news, believe me, that we are officially shelving Sorry, we are discontinuing it."

The actor said there were many reasons for this. "Though many friends supported me, there were others whose words and actions had an impact and stopped us for a while. Then Covid hit [and] after Covid there were other issues. Additionally, keeping in mind the state of our industry today, we realised it's better to shelf it. I would like to apologise to my fans for disappointing them, I am extremely sorry," he said before letting Javed take the lead.

"Faysal said everything that needed to be said. The people who tried to stop it can go be happy we've finally stopped it, shelved it, we won't be making it," Javed added. "But as a parting gift, we will be, after this video, releasing a short teaser, like a first look of the film so that the people who were so lovingly waiting for the it can be left with something."

Quraishi concluded the video by telling his fans to "always make a prayer of khair [good] for others".