Faysal Quraishi calls out social media pages for misquoting him about drama Parizaad

Faysal Quraishi calls out social media pages for misquoting him about drama Parizaad

Several pages claimed he was rejected after trying out for the role of Parizaad but the actor said he only pitched a script.
22 Jun, 2022

Actor Faysal Quraishi has called out social media pages for misquoting him. Several pages reported that Quraishi said during an interview that he 'wanted' to act in Parizaad but got rejected. The actor took to Instagram to clarify that he never spoke about acting as the lead. He actually spoke about a script that he had submitted.

On Tuesday, he shared a video of himself and asked fans and followers to spread it online. In the clip, the actor called out media pages and said, "Some people are unable to understand, poor things they don't know that these pages listen to things halfway and according to their understanding. One page puts it up and then the other picks it from there and starts printing [information]."

He clarified that in a podcast interview with Junaid Akram, he spoke about scripts, not acting. "I said that I submitted the script and that it was rejected later. When did I say that as an actor I was doing that [Parizaad] character? I had signed some other actor in that. I'm very happy that [Ahmed Ali Akbar] did that character and I think he did justice with that character. But when I was doing it, I had casted Gohar Rasheed but that didn't happen on the channel we submitted it to."

He said the main issue is that these pages "talk nonsense" without understanding what happened. Quraishi said that people also talk without confirming, understanding and knowing the subject matter.

In the podcast with Akram, Quraishi was asked about the downward trajectory of women in TV shows, to which the actor shared that anything different is met with low ratings and people "reject" it.

While talking about ratings and the challenges faced, Quraishi had said, "Recently, Parizaad, in fact I used to make fun of people because when I wanted to do that script, people rejected it and called it useless and asked me if I have gone mad. Writers got mad at me for not being able to pitch it properly. I told them 'what can I do when I was told that it won't work?' Parizaad changed the trend and it has always happened. Before Parizaad there was Pyarey Afzal, which was male oriented and had no drama and that changed the trend. Then there was Bashar Momin, Mera Saaein and other shows that had something different in them. I'm glad they were a hit, but most popular dramas deal with domestic issues."


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