London-based online music platform Boiler Room announces its first-ever broadcast from Pakistan

Updated 17 Jun, 2022 04:00pm

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The lineup includes Ustad Noor Bakhsh, Jaubi, Natasha Noorani, Natasha Ejaz, Ozzie, Malik, Lyla, Kukido B2B TMPST and Tollcrane.

Photo: Honi Unhoni, Natasha Noorani and Osama Khan /Instagram
Photo: Honi Unhoni, Natasha Noorani and Osama Khan /Instagram

Another feather is being added to the Pakistani music fraternity's cap — Boiler Room is holding its first broadcast from Pakistan. The site officially announced on Thursday that they will be broadcasting local artists from Pakistan for the very first time.

'Faltu Pyar' singer Natasha Noorani took to Instagram to share a poster featuring the artist lineup. Adding a Pakistani touch to it, the blue and pink poster featured hints of truck art that reads, "dekh magar pyar se [look, but with love]" a famous saying often found on public transport vehicles in Pakistan.

Noorani wrote that she's grateful for this "milestone moment" for the music industry and that she gets to do this with her friends from the music fraternity.

Boiler Room's Instagram account also shared the same post and wrote that the first-ever Pakistani broadcast is "a show to celebrate the country's new emergent dance music community and its native heritage of live performance." The event is part-funded by the British Council with support and execution from Dialled In, Karachi Community Radio, Cape Monze Records and Chalo HQ.

The event will be live-streamed on the Boiler Room site for viewers and listeners in the UK at 3pm BST time.

Other than Pakistan, Boiler Room will broadcast from Paris for two days on July 8 and 9 with artists from the city. They also have broadcasts scheduled in Vienna, Tbilisi, Warsaw, New York, Los Angeles, Stuttgart, Boston and London.