Now that's how you handle Muslim representation, say netizens on Ms. Marvel's depiction of a hijabi

Published 16 Jun, 2022 05:31pm

Images Staff

A young Muslim woman who is proud of wearing her hijab? We love to see it.

Whenever anyone talks about Ms. Marvel, Marvel's newest superhero TV series, the conversation is always about representation. Is it representative enough and is that representation accurate? After watching the first two episodes, the internet has concurred that yes, Ms. Marvel gets a solid 10/10 for representation of desis and Muslims. The latest act of representation comes in the form of a teenager wearing a hijab.

Nakia, Kamala Khan's friend in the show, wears a hijab and unlike other shows about Muslim women who wear hijabs, she doesn't feel pressured or hindered by it. Instead, she's proud of her hijab and proud to wear it. A scene in the show where she explains this to Kamala struck home for a lot of Twitter users who loved the way the show treated the topic.

Some users were giving the side-eye to Netflix and its representation of hijabis.

Others said the scene was important because it showed how many women wear the hijab because they want to, not because they're forced to.

Many people appreciated the hijab conversation.

Others really enjoyed seeing Muslims and South Asians being represented in the show.

The representation of Black Muslims was also lauded.

However, some people took issue with a non-Turkish actor being cast to play Nakia as well as the character's change in ethnicity to match the actor. In Ms. Marvel, Nakia's character is half-white while in the comics, she is entirely Turkish.

But by and large, seeing Nakia (and Tyesha) wear their hijabs with pride in the show was a win for many people online.

We're eager to see more of the show and see even more moments of representation. No matter how small they may seem to the general public, this representation goes a long way for a lot of people hoping to see role models who look like them.