A scene from Ms Marvel has Pakistani Twitter pressed about 'Indian' accents and misrepresentation

A scene from Ms Marvel has Pakistani Twitter pressed about 'Indian' accents and misrepresentation

Netizens say that the series-makers could have done better research on Pakistani culture or hired more Pakistani actors.
04 Jun, 2022

The upcoming release of Ms Marvel is being hailed by Pakistanis as they welcomed Pakistani representation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). But days away from the series' official launch, a clip from the show has surfaced that's got Pakistani Twitter heated.

On Friday, Discussing Films re-shared a short video with Kamala — aka Ms Marvel, played by Iman Vellani — and her parents that was supposed to be funny in a cringey style that's often portrayed when raising teenagers. The scene was picked apart by Pakistani netizens as they pointed out the "Indian" accent, the incorrect lingo and overall misrepresentation.

Twitter users also had suggestions for the creators of the show, stating what they should have done differently. They said Pakistani culture could have been more thoroughly researched for the series, the actors playing Pakistanis could have actually been Pakistani themselves instead of Indian or they could have simply kept the storyline restricted to that of the comics.

An endless stream of comments were dissatisfied with the accent, claiming Pakistanis do not sound like that and that the series was more Bollywood-esque than anything else.

There was a minority claiming that the accent was Pakistani.

Netizens pointed out that the phrase "chak de patthe" is not Pakistani — it originates from India but we're not sure if anyone in India uses it either — at least outside of Bollywood.

Users found the representation portrayed in a very limited way, sticking to stereotypes about brown people instead of venturing into the reality of things.

This user said that the depiction of Pakistanis in the comics was "a lot more genuine and likeable".

Fans tagged Marvel, saying they should've researched the characters better and hired actual Pakistani actors to play Pakistani roles.

On a lighter note, this user ignored everything to focus on the dad's Hulk costume.

Do you also think the scene misrepresented Pakistanis?