K-pop boyband Blitzers is in Lahore and their social media updates are intriguing us

K-pop boyband Blitzers is in Lahore and their social media updates are intriguing us

The group has been posing with historical structures in person and in 2D cartoon form.
Updated 11 Jun, 2022

Is it a music video? Is it a world tour? Is it just some tourist action? South Korean boyband Blitzers is in Lahore and though it's not clear why, their social media updates have us amused and confused at the same time.

Pakistan's got a large Korean fanbase where K-dramas, K-pop and Korean food are concerned and it looks like Korean celebrities are getting a whiff of it. It has been mere days since YouTuber Daud Kim left the country after around a month's stay, promising to return but Kpop band Blitzers beat Kim to it and we can't help but wonder what they're up to.

Lahore is known for its rich cultural history — is the band using the historical structures as a backdrop for their next music video?

They seem to have 2D acrylic versions of themselves that travel with them and are featured in the places they visit. We're not sure what's going on but at least we got a group sighting, as confused as we may be.

Is "open sesame" a clue?

Korean Superman?

Naan kabab for all — yes, even the cartoons.

Acrylic figures must touch grass.

Location reveal!

Some silly pictures to keep it cute.

Though we're yet to understand what they're doing here, that is not stopping netizens from inviting the band to their cities, bribing them with good old biryani.

Blitzers was formed by Wuzo Entertainment in 2021. The group consists of seven members: Jinhwa, Go_U, Juhan, Sya, Chris, Lutan and Wooju. The group debuted on May 12, 2021.

Do you know what they're up to?


Alaya SEO Jun 10, 2022 08:53pm
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Aiza R Jun 11, 2022 01:24am
Never heard of them but they took such lovely touristic pics!
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Ifti Malik Jun 11, 2022 06:28am
Astaghfirullah. What has the world come to , that these hermaphrodite creatures are touted as 'boys '. And how atrocious and shameful that young people in Pakistan actually find them 'popular ' and 'follow' them.
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Tadka Jun 11, 2022 09:51am
Childish as always
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Urvah Ihsan Jun 11, 2022 07:21pm
@Ifti Malik pls get some sense you cannot judge someone by their appearance if they are famous it's because they have done hard work and if they r in pak it means our tourism and hospitality is attracting foreign celebrities we should be happy about it. From an army, blink, exo-l, and moa.
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Anonymous Jun 12, 2022 07:31pm
@Ifti Malik pls shut up no one asked ur opinion, ap jaisay loogo se tou ye zayada behter hai
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Vaneeza Shah Jun 12, 2022 07:52pm
That's just rude mate. Shushhh
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Queen Jun 13, 2022 09:14am
@Ifti Malik If you can't say anything nice, its better to remain silent.
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Deenabhatti Jun 13, 2022 04:00pm
@Ifti Malik oh uncle behave they are also humans and they also have lives they live for their sake not for ur please stop being so complexed it is so shameful to hear this from our forefathers and grandparents my parents also dont like these people but they never stopped me for watching them or for appreciating them
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Byeol Jun 15, 2022 12:44am
@Ifti Malik Don't You Dare Talk About The World While You're So Toxic Like This. Nobody Asked About Your Lame Opinions So It's Better To Keep Them To Your Freakin' Self. You Don't Have The Right To Judge Anyone On Their Looks Or Anything In General, Go Judge Yourself Only If You Really Are That Desperate. They're Way BETTER Than The Likes Of You Go Cry About It~
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Emma Jun 16, 2022 04:42pm
@Ifti Malik It's quite ok to keep your thinking and thoughts in your head if they can hurt anyone And people or most probbly the youth as you are referring to , has the right to like anyone they want Also you should not bad mouth the people who so ever they are
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Emma Jun 16, 2022 04:43pm
@Tadka exactly
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Emma Jun 16, 2022 04:46pm
I think we should whole heartedly accept the people who visit us Who so ever they are and where they are from it shouldn't matter because they are doing no harm to us By the way love you BLITZERS
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