Ali Gul Pir's content company The Third Act is ready for takeoff

Ali Gul Pir's content company The Third Act is ready for takeoff

The comedian's first business scripts, shoots and edits all content in-house.
04 Jun, 2022

Comedian Ali Gul Pir is pouring his creative talents into a new endeavour — his first business, The Third Act. It is a content making company that's ready to give an idea or story the last push it needs to get going.

Pir made the announcement in an Instagram post on Saturday. He posted a video of himself explaining what need his company is fulfilling in the market and the specifics of what services it provides.

He started his caption with a joke very relevant to the times to catch people's attention "I’m giving away FREE PETROL!" he wrote. "Now that I have your attention, I want to introduce you to my first very own business, The Third Act, where we make content for you. So if you have a product or service that needs advertising or have an idea that needs execution, just come to The Third Act and we will give you a nice climax. That sounded wrong but you know what I mean!"

The comedian added the link to his company's website, alongside some hashtags to give a simpler idea of what the business is targeting. He added the hashtags #contentcompany #digitalmarketing #advertising #video #filmmaking #marketing in the caption.

In the video, Pir first explained why his company would be playing a crucial role in the industry. "'But what is the story?' Whenever you recommend a TV show or film to someone, this is the first question that arises because everybody is so connected to the story. If the story isn't good, then it doesn't matter if you shoot in Bangkok or hire a well known actor, it's useless," he declared.

He then directed attention back to his company, saying it is the solution-seeker that is the need of the time. "So if you have a story or an idea, then bring it to us, The Third Act, and we will bring it to life. And if you don't have an idea, no worries, we'll create an idea for you. We script, shoot, edit, all in-house."

Lastly, he revealed the meaning behind his company's name. "The third act is the final act of the play and we here think this is the finality of all your content conflicts. We're the partner you've been looking for all your life," he said. "So come, let's work together, let's make some amazing content and let's grow together."


Dhinchack Jun 04, 2022 02:43pm
The world over people are putting manufacturing companies, IT companies, and earning money in dollars. We in Pakistan are establishing film companies. Disconnected to the article this comment is, but do ponder.
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ST Jun 04, 2022 02:49pm
Make a song for this imported government.
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Citizen Jun 04, 2022 03:32pm
Boring man but has always found place on front pages
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Mahira Jun 04, 2022 04:13pm
Those people complaining about Ms Marvel accent can hear Ali Gul Pir's video to confirm Ms Marvel = Pakistani accent.
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Sunshine Jun 04, 2022 05:16pm
Best wishes and best of luck Ali. hope you will make a difference. Knowing your talent, I am eagerly waiting to see your brilliant ideas.
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Taj Ahmad Jun 04, 2022 06:14pm
We have great talent in Pakistan in all departments such as IT, Medicines, TV , Advertising and TV commercial, science, education and sports, banking and many more let’s explore these talents to the world and make yourself and your country be proud.
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IMP Jun 06, 2022 03:51am
Sai, do song on ' imported' government please, you will be doing a great justice not only to people of Pakistan but particularly for interiors of Sind also.
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