26 May, 2022

There are celebrities who post about things online and others who put their money with their mouth is and express their support in person. A number of celebrities have thrown their support behind former prime minister Imran Khan and attended his Azadi March in different cities on Wednesday.

Singer Bilal Khan marched his way to the protest area and recorded himself on the streets. "We're walking all the way on this road to the area of the march. This is the third container blocking the road. there's no chance for a car to pass by from here," he said in the video.

Singer and actor Haroon Shahid also arrived at the march being held at Karachi's Numaish and documented the venue. Not only did he attend but a day prior the actor also shared safety measures for the attendees planning to come. Shahid took to Twitter and shared a clip in which many protesters can be seen going in the opposite direction when shelling increased. In the video, the actor said, "Intense shelling is going on here. It's immense. As you can see all these people are being forced back."

Shahid shared another clip with many protesters chanting 'PTI'.

Actors Osman Khalid Butt and Mariyam Nafees also protested at the Azadi March. Both took to Twitter and shared photos with their followers. "Air full of tear gas but spirits high as ever," wrote Nafees.

But shelling didn't stop these two from standing their ground and staying at the protest till midnight. Nafees took to Instagram and shared clips of her and Butt washing their faces with water to get rid of the tear gas remnants.

"It's 4:30am in the morning and they're still continuing to throw horrid skin and eye burning tear gas to disperse protestors, kis kis ko rokoge? (who will you stop?)" she wrote. In another Instagram story she also said that it's a "shameful scene" when a government is "scared of peaceful unarmed protesters" with a video of Butt washing his face.

Chupke Chupke actor Butt also shared multiple photos from the protest including a shell that he found on the road.

Actor Imran Abbas also shared snippets from D-chowk, Islamabad where protesters along with former premier were supposed to gather. He shared clips of street vendors, supporters and protesters waving flags and chanting

Party supporters who were awaiting Imran's arrival at D-Chowk in Islamabad since Wednesday entered the Red Zone on Thursday morning. Imran has given a six-day deadline to the government to announce elections and warned that he would "return" to the capital if the demand was not met.