'Everyone's been particularly mean to her': Anoushey Ashraf defends Bushra Bibi, hopes to meet her someday

'Everyone's been particularly mean to her': Anoushey Ashraf defends Bushra Bibi, hopes to meet her someday

The TV host and RJ said despite remaining out of the public eye, the former first lady has come under "terrible scrutiny".
07 May, 2022

TV show host and RJ Anoushey Ashraf lent her support to the former first lady Bushra Bibi on Friday, who has been subjected to even more scrutiny than usual since her husband, former premier Imran Khan was ousted.

The RJ took to Instagram on May 6 and re-shared a video clip of Imran lauding his wife's hospitality. He credited her for taking care of the guests that show up at their home in Bani Gala and often asks him if he has been welcoming the guests the way she has.

Imran sat down with HUM News for an interview with actor Shaan Shahid and had said, "I'm fortunate enough to have Bushra Bibi in my life. Because of her we're able to take care of our guests. I remember once the American ambassador showed up at my place and I lived alone. My house help was rushed to get something for refreshment for the guest and he brought a packet of biscuits, packed and placed it in front of him."

He said that his wife also keeps a check on him to make sure he is hospitable in her absence. "She is very strict about taking care of guests and if I don't do it, she's strict with me as well," Imran told the show host.

Ashraf re-shared the clip of the interview and wrote, "Bushra Bibi has only come under terrible scrutiny even if she chooses to remain out of the eyes of the media". She even said that everyone has been particularly "mean" to her lately and that she would love to meet her one day.

The 39-year-old also asked for help from her followers if anyone could make this happen soon.

Despite being the first lady, Bushra Bibi remained out of the public eye, choosing instead to work behind the scenes on various charitable projects. She was criticised for her face veil when Imran officially sworn in as prime minister. That criticism led to many netizens taking to different social media platforms in her defence, calling on people to let her wear what she wants.

The former cricketer and Bushra Bibi tied the knot early in 2018, surrounded by close family and friends. The union is Khan's third marriage after he divorced Reham Khan in late 2015.