'Politics and arts should be kept apart': Adnan Siddiqui on why he met PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif

'Politics and arts should be kept apart': Adnan Siddiqui on why he met PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif

The actor says he met PML-N party leader in a "personal capacity" with no personal agenda behind it.
19 May, 2022

Actor Adnan Siddiqui has been quite the subject for many netizens ever since he visited PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif in London. On Monday, the official Twitter account of the political party shared a photo of the actor standing next to Nawaz and since then things haven't been the same for the actor, at least not online.

Many Twitter users, especially PTI stans, had flocked to the official post and had mocked the actor for visiting Nawaz while he had publicly supported former prime minister Imran Khan. In the video posted on Twitter he had said that he extended an invitation to Nawaz to watch his film Dum Mastam. "He [Nawaz] said that we're thinking about your fraternity quite a lot. The discussion also revolved around film policy."

After four days, the Mom actor has now taken to Instagram and shared another video of him explaining why he met the former premier in the first place. He started off by saying that he is aware of the fact that this will take a while to settle and that he needs to set the "record straight" about his "unplanned" visit.

"I went to meet Nawaz Sharif and it wasn't a planned meeting. I came here [London] for the promotion of my film. I was informed that cabinet had also arrived prior to my arrival to meet Nawaz and was asked to give my perspective, so I did. I talked about film policies, requested for allowance in the upcoming budget for actors and filmmakers. Tell me, if they [PML-N] are the current government, I would go to them only. When PTI was in power, I went to them too and I will if PPP comes in power as well," Siddiqui said.

He added that anyone who wants to be heard would approach the sitting government. Hence, so did he. "I didn't go there for personal benefit. I met him [Nawaz] in my personal capacity to represent the film fraternity."

The 52-year-old actor also addressed the question many asked — why did he promote his film Dum Mastam and invite the politician to watch it. "I'm also inviting you guys to watch the film whether you support a certain party or not. So as a Pakistani, I invited another Pakistani, it includes you guys as well because it's a Pakistani film."

Siddiqui also went on to explain the reason why he decided to make a video for his followers on Instagram. "I made this video because I read a news piece that I had joined PML-N, entirely false and fake. I haven't done that. What's upsetting is that this news was also retweeted by Information minister [Marriyum Aurangzeb] without confirming it. I requested the information department to clarify that it's untrue."

The actor ended his plea with a request for the public to delete anything online referencing to the "fake tweet" and addressed the trolling he and his family had to face. "People from my house even told me that people don't want to watch any of my projects, be it the TV shows or films or anything related to me. Thought it's up to you to watch or not, but I believe rizk or izzat dene wala Allah Tala hain [I believe God gives sustenance and respect]."

In the caption he also mentioned that anyone who decided to "boycott" his film should know that he'd take this in stride and that he welcomes "both bouquets and brickbats".

Siddiqui also asked his followers that if he is the type of man who would take such a step in life, based on the "32 years spent working in the industry". He ended by disassociating himself from any political party and said he won't be joining any in the near future.