Atif Aslam and Shae Gill are pairing up for a new song called 'Manzil' and fans are hyped

Atif Aslam and Shae Gill are pairing up for a new song called 'Manzil' and fans are hyped

The song is about Covid-19 and its music video will premiere on May 14.
12 May, 2022

Superstar Atif Aslam and Coke Studio breakout star Shae Gill are releasing 'Manzil', a song promoting Covid vaccinations, and already fans are pumped despite the fact that only a short teaser has been released.

The teaser for the song was posted on the US Embassy Pakistan's YouTube channel on May 11. It revealed that the music video will release on May 14 at 6pm.

"The US Embassy Islamabad partnered with Pakistani Cannes-nominated film director Sarmad Khoosat to produce a new song promoting Covid-19 vaccinations and booster shots," read the caption for the teaser. "The song, 'Manzil', included Mohammad Hanif as the lyricist and Shamsher Rana, Varqa Faraid, Nimra Gilani and Ali Hamdani as producers and composers. Vocals were provided by internationally renowned singer Atif Aslam and Coke Studio sensation Shae Gill."

The music video will also feature actor and activist Sarwat Gilani who will play the protagonist.

Fans were both surprised and excited to see Aslam pair up with the 'Pasoori' singer who's still riding the high of her song's success. The Coke Studio number sent waves across the country — and beyond — going viral on platforms such as TikTok. Gill was the star of the show and fans have only wanted to know more about her.

They took to Twitter to express their glee over the upcoming song. "A collab I never knew I needed," wrote this user. Us either!

Days have been made.

We're all looking forward to Saturday.

Are you excited?


Nadeem Shah May 12, 2022 04:21pm
Shameless Indians ready to steal Pakistani talents songs.... Awaiting the release and will call it their own. Greedy shameless neighbors.
Syed Hasni May 12, 2022 06:21pm
Shae is a powerful vocalist, I would like to hear her voice on its own. Atif Aslam is no match for her, Rahat would have been a better choice
Bilal Ahmed May 13, 2022 12:21am
@Syed Hasni No Atif is versatile singer in reality he have no match on the other hand RFAK is singer of Qawali and classical type music Atif can sing in every type music and his high notes and low notes are unmatchable
Syed Hasni May 13, 2022 05:57pm
@Bilal Ahmed "Chalo humaare gaanon ke saath ye zulm kartey hain (They do this with our songs)... but his audacity is increasing by the day. Now they have started doing this to Lata Didi's song as well." Lata Mangeshkar, the living legend who sang the song in "Pakeezah" to immortality, has not heard Atif's version. I am just a mere listener, even I can sing better than him with a Vocodist, he is not just bad he is badtameez too