Saif Ali Khan's sister jumps to nephew Taimur's defence after 5-year-old trolled by netizens

Published 10 May, 2022 04:29pm

Images Staff

The virtual attacks were in response to the child asking the paparazzi to turn their cameras off and stop taking pictures.

Photo: Saba Pataudi/Instagram
Photo: Saba Pataudi/Instagram

Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan's sister Saba Pataudi is not okay with netizens bullying her five-year-old nephew, Saif and Kareena Kapoor's son, Taimur Khan and we're with her.

Recently, the child told the paparazzi off and asked them to stop photographing him, which seemed to aggravate a lot of social media users who started to not only question the child's manners but also Kapoor and Saif's parenting. This did not sit right with Taimur's aunt who took to her Instagram to express her shock and jump to his defence.

"I was shocked and surprised when people came up to me and said we're fans of Taimur. Or that we follow him. He was a BABY. Hardly a year. Today he is a young boy. As I am protective of all the kids, this is no surprise that I was equally shocked at people trolling a five-year-old boy," the jewellery designer expressed her outrage via an Instagram story.

She talked about how the media uses the children for their own gain — whether it's commenting on their cuteness or criticising their behaviour. "You chase the children and then when they're simply real and honest, that same cute becomes criticism. How come? Children are growing up. They will change, evolve and learn. LET THEM BE!"

She concluded by reminding netizens that they don't have to declare an opinion at all where kids are concerned, they should just be kind and let all kids be. "You don't need to be a fan nor a fanatic critic. God bless ALL kids. Yours and ours. Amen."

The clip that enraged netizens featured the five-year-old asking the paparazzi to turn their cameras off as they faced him, clicking away. The child did not scream nor was there any maliciousness in his voice though the choice of words seemed to have offended viewers. "Band kar [Shut it] sala" is what he could be heard saying. Sala is a word that translates to brother-in-law but can sometimes be used as an expletive.

Trolling a child for voicing his boundaries — something he has every right to do when people photograph him without his permission — is just unacceptable. A five-year-old is still in his primary years of learning, he does not have a fully developed mind so holding him accountable and casting judgments on a minor is a new low for internet trolls. We hope the paparazzi learns a thing or two from Pataudi's story and stops making children who did not sign up for this lifestyle uncomfortable.