'I'm still upset about it': Yasir Nawaz says he shouldn't have called out Alizeh Shah

Published 10 May, 2022 04:51pm

Images Staff

The actor-director said in an interview that he often says stuff he shouldn't and regrets it later.

Photo: Yasir Nawaz, Alizeh Shah /Instagram
Photo: Yasir Nawaz, Alizeh Shah /Instagram

Everyone says things they later regret, but for director-cum-actor Yasir Nawaz, his regretful words were broadcast to millions of people and landed him in hot water. One of his regrets is what he said about fellow actor Alizeh Shah almost a year ago.

The actor had sparked controversy by commenting on what he believed was Shah's misbehaviour on the set of Mera Dil Mera Dushman, which aired in 2020. His wife, Nida Yasir, shared his "difficulties" of working with Shah and said an actor must "keep their private life separate from the role".

Nida had expressed concern around Shah's behaviour that made it difficult for her husband to work with the Tanaa Banaa star. "I was disturbed during acting," Nawaz said. When asked, he said there were a number of reasons for this, and that he just didn't enjoy it. He went as far to say that at one stage, he regretted working on the project. "I went to that limit," he said.

His experience became a hot topic online with many of his celebrity friends jumping in to share their experiences and two cents on the situation. But many people, including actor Feroze Khan and singer Momina Mustehsan, had defended Shah.

The actor was interviewed by Galaxy Lollywood for his film Chakkar starring Neelam Muneer, Ahsan Khan, Danish Nawaz, Javed Sheikh and others. In the rapid fire round, the host had asked Nawaz about a project he regretted doing. In response he said, "I can write the answer, I don't have an issue but Nida then scolds me for what I say." His wife said that it's not just her who comments on what he says. Other people ring them up and remind them of the things that "shouldn't have" been said, she claimed.

While they were still going on about not naming anyone, the morning show host scolded her husband for writing down an answer to the question. "I have to work at the end of the day and these things come back. Like how I said things about Alizeh, I'm still very upset about it that why did I name her. At times I say stuff that I shouldn't," Nawaz confessed. His wife added that one should keep it to themselves because it could result in arguments or even fights.

As they say, hindsight is 20/20.