Yasir Hussain and Sonya Hussyn's telefilm Siwaiyaan to release on Eidul Fitr

Yasir Hussain and Sonya Hussyn's telefilm Siwaiyaan to release on Eidul Fitr

It's a murder mystery that makes use of situational comedy to add humour to the film.
Updated 25 Apr, 2022

Actors Yasir Hussain and Sonya Hussyn are starring in another Eid telefilm and this year it's a murder mystery called Siwaiyaan with an added comedic element to get the best of both worlds.

Written and directed by Bilal Atif Khan (who’s making his debut with this telefilm), the plot of Siwaiyaan revolves around a couple whose families are visiting for Eid, expecting "good news." While the families wait for the couple to announce that they’re expecting a child, the news they actually want to break is about them getting a divorce. Interspersed with this is a murder mystery where there presumably are a couple of bodies in the house, which the couple is trying its best to hide throughout the Eid festivities.

Yasir looked back on his theatre experience and explained how this telefilm stood out in terms of the approach it has taken to integrate comedy. “I’ve been into theatre for years and I am basically a theatre actor. This script is heavily inspired by [English playwright] Ray Cooney and his plays, the way they have a murder mystery tied with situational comedy. Most of the telefilms made here are based on wordplay comedy or have a slapstick approach,” he said.

The Lahore Se Aagey actor didn't just find a fresh script but also a new director to work with. “After a really long time I found a script that I found different from the rest. I always try to work with new directors, for instance Khizar [Idrees] who directed Badshah Begum. The director of this telefilm, Bilal [Atif Khan], is also superb and knowledgeable and I enjoyed working with him,” he added.

Produced by Big Bang Entertainment, Siwaiyaan is Yasir's second collaboration with this production house. “The production value of Big Bang Entertainment is great. I worked with the company about three to four years ago on a telefilm [called] Help Me Durdana. I am surprised to know how great this production house is, unlike many others. I have not dabbled much in television, I have done only four drama serials in the past 12 years, so I don’t have much of an idea about production houses. But out of the ones I have worked with, Big Bang Entertainment has remained the best,” he shared.

The telefilm will air on your screens this Eidul Fitr and the ensemble cast includes actors Sikandar Khan, Saife Hasan, Zeba Shehnaz, Sabahat Adil, Nayyar Ejaz, Amber Wajid and Hina Rizvi.