Shahzad Sheikh and Alizeh Shah to star in Eid telefilm Chand Raat Aur Chandni

Published 18 Apr, 2022 04:28pm

Irfan Ul Haq

The plot follows a guy who's in love with his childhood friend and starts making plans to stop her wedding.

Actors Shahzad Sheikh and Alizeh Shah are uniting on our TV screens for a love story called Chand Raat Aur Chandni in an Eid telefilm.

Sheikh spoke to Images and discussed the plot summary — how a young man goes to extremes to stop his beloved's wedding and kidnaps her to keep her with him. "The name of my character is Shaami, he's a neighbourhood boy and he falls in love with a girl — his love is one-sided, he never told her," he revealed.

Adding some twists and turns to the story, he said the duo in the film are childhood friends but were separated for a decade. He talked about the protagonist's action plan. "So he finds out that Chandni is getting married and starts making a plan with his friends to kidnap her and stop the wedding. The planning continues and around the climax he finds out that she really likes him [as well] but they weren't in touch [otherwise] the problem would've been solved."

The Phaans actor described his character Shaami as a "very happy and chirpy" "neighbourhood boy" who loves playing dabbu. "He has two friends with him, Javed bhai and Moony — they also support him. He's a champion in that area known for [his expertise in] dabbu and their great friendship." Sheikh revealed more details and said the story revolves around the character — how he's such a great friend and loves a girl whom he "goes after."

Commenting on his experience with Big Bang Entertainment, the Qurban actor said, "I shot Big Bang's very first drama, alongside Fahad Mustafa and Sonya Hussyn so that was a great experience and I [filmed] two more dramas after that. Now I'm actually working with Big Bang after a few years and today is the first day, let's hope all goes well."

He also opened about his experience working with Shah. "I've a great experience working with her, she's fantastic, she's happy, she's chirpy and I'm really good friends with her mother also," he chuckled before continuing, "She's always on time and she's very professional when she shoots. It's great working with her and I'm glad that I'm working with her again right now."

The two actors have been hinting at their upcoming project for a while now — both Sheikh and Shah have shared pictures together in the scenic Kashmir some weeks back captioned, "#muhabbatkiaakhrikahani." The hashtag led fans to speculate and consider it as the title for their project together. After Sheikh revealed the actual of title of the film, it seems the hashtag may be a lyric from the title song or even a recurring tagline in the film.

Are you excited to watch this duo's chemistry come to life on your TV screen?