Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz Sabzwari are expecting their first child together

Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz Sabzwari are expecting their first child together

His father Behroze Sabzwari spilled the beans on a recent talkshow.
22 Apr, 2022

Model Sadaf Kanwal and actor Shahroz Sabzwari are expecting a baby. His father, fellow actor Behroze Sabzwari, announced the news during an appearance on Rabia Anum Obaid's Ramazan show Piyara Ramazan.

This is Kanwal's first child and Shahroz's second — he has daughter named Nooreh with ex-wife Syra Yousuf.

Behroze expressed his great happiness when he announced the news on the show. He called it "compensation from God". "I’ve become a dada for the second time at such a young age," he laughed.

The couple got married in May 2021 and announced the news by changing Kanwal's Instagram name to Sadaf Sabzwari. They later posted pictures of their intimate wedding on social media as well. His divorce with Yousuf was finalised in February of the same year.

"I'm a very closed up guy so I have a selected few people whom I love and those are the people I talk to," Shahroz said during a talkshow, adding that he met Kanwal during an award show where they had to perform together.

"So with Sadaf I hit it off but when we came back, people started painting our friendship in a different light so then we both were like...." he laughed, thanking the audience for pitching the potential idea that the two could be real-life partners.

"The best thing that would any attract any man is honesty. Especially in our industry, where we are out and about, and us men being however we are, growing up in Pakistan, we have a certain mentality. So keeping that mentality in mind, her morals were in the right place," he said.

"I don't know what it was about him, but I just decided that this is the man that I want to be the father of my children," Kanwal added.


M. Saeed Apr 22, 2022 03:49pm
So early!
Jawad Apr 22, 2022 04:39pm
Tho hum kya naachein
Tadka Apr 22, 2022 05:48pm
I’ve become a dada for the second time at such a young age. Lol
azhar ahmad Apr 22, 2022 06:14pm
Helping hands Apr 22, 2022 06:59pm
I hope the child does not grow up to be like their parents.
Syed Hasni Apr 22, 2022 07:01pm
I believe this is the First Family of Showbiz, thanks to Evergreen Javid Sheikh I still watch Ankahi sometime !
Cereal_Killer Apr 22, 2022 07:54pm
@Tadka Exactly. I was 5 when I watched Tanhayian when Behroz was in his 30s and now I am 42!
Syed Hasni Apr 22, 2022 11:34pm
@Helping hands That is extremely ridiculous, why you do not want a next Rock star. I do get it that Shahroz is a little feminine but Sadaf, people think she is Bella hadid and call her a bombshell.
Hanna Apr 23, 2022 01:00am
Dramaybaz couple
jaredlee007 Apr 23, 2022 01:34am
No time for you. Sorry! Move on.
NYS Apr 23, 2022 04:53am
Upcoming month don't show off baby bumps!!!
FAZ Apr 23, 2022 05:52am
Shahroz is a chota Amir Liaquat. Soon he will fly away to another destination.
Helo Apr 23, 2022 07:48am
Look for for a team
Ma Apr 23, 2022 09:09am
“First child together”. This is the phrase that is used in the west and the US to signify that they could have other children in any combination with other partners. May be we are not there yet. So let’s avoid it if it is not true yet
Ed Apr 23, 2022 12:35pm
She’s a home breaker
Dr Asim Apr 23, 2022 02:53pm
@Ma They will not have out of wedlock but they will have children from other spouses if divorces happen.
Bunny Apr 24, 2022 02:55pm
He should not have divorced Sara his first wife who was equally pretty . They are allowed 4 at a time . why did they divorce ? They too were cute together.
Bunny Apr 24, 2022 02:56pm
he had a child even with his first wife Saira and then left her . be care ful dear second wife .
Anonymous Apr 25, 2022 07:07pm
Is he implying that Sarah is not honest.