The Flash actor Ezra Miller arrested for the second time in a month on assault charges

The Flash actor Ezra Miller arrested for the second time in a month on assault charges

The actor allegedly threw a chair at a woman when asked to leave a private gathering.
20 Apr, 2022

The Flash star Ezra Miller just can't stay out of trouble, especially in Hawaii. In less than three weeks, the actor is once again facing charges for abusing a woman at a private gathering in Pāhoa. According to the local police, Miller was arrested on Tuesday.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the police report noted that Miller, 29, "became irate after being asked to leave and reportedly threw a chair, striking a 26-year-old female on the forehead, resulting in an approximate half-inch cut." The victim refused treatment for the injury caused by the actor.

Miller was arrested by the police during a traffic stop but released pending further investigation. His case remains as an active investigation.

The recent event is the actor's second bout of legal troubles in Hawaii in less than a month. Just three weeks ago the actor was arrested for disorderly conduct at a karaoke bar. This was one of many complaints made against the actor since the beginning of March.

According to the Associated Press, at least 10 calls were made to the Hilo police since March 7. Each reported offences such as filming people at random locations like a gas station, refusing to leave the sidewalk area of a restaurant and arguing with people.

But when it came to the offence he was charged for, authorities had said, "Miller began yelling obscenities and at one point grabbed the microphone from a 23-year-old woman singing karaoke." They then "lunged at a 32-year-old man playing darts," which earned them a harassment offence.

Not only was Miler charged for disorderly conduct, but they were subjected to a restraining order which was later withdrawn. A couple alleged that the Justice League actor, whom they allowed to stay with them at their motel, had burst into their room out of the blue and started to threaten them. According to the pair, Miller also stole their belongings, including their passports, wallets and other items.

In 2020, the actor was also seen in a viral video choking a woman outside of a bar in Iceland and throwing her to the ground.

Miller is a major player in the Fantastic Beasts franchise. They play Credence, also known as Aurelius Dumbledore in the films, including the most recent The Secrets of Dumbledore. As for their role as The Flash, some recent reports have suggested that the actor might get replaced as Barry Allen because of their concerning behaviour.

An emergency meeting was held on March 30 by Warner Bros. and DC to discuss Miller's future at the studio. According to The Direct, DC might bring Grant Gustin's Flash to the big screen, replacing Miller.


You are art Apr 20, 2022 12:27pm
The women must have been verbally harassing him! If they don’t like you they’ll call you names and degrade you!
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Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Apr 20, 2022 01:46pm
Once a cheater, always a fraudster, trickster, hustler and beater.
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Shaby Apr 20, 2022 03:04pm
Grant Gustin is the best choice for The Flash movie. He has made all the effort to make the Flash a star franchise. This man is just garbage.
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Sabah Shahid Apr 20, 2022 05:53pm
@You are art doesn't give you the right to attack someone and how do you even know what happened?
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Hanna Apr 20, 2022 06:29pm
@You are art here we go again with the victim blaming fanboys who will defend every crime and assault they're favorite druggie artist commits when he can't deal with fame without attacking people
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Coco Apr 21, 2022 05:36am
@Shaby I agree shabby my childhood favorite DC character is represented by this man acting like this .its a shame
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