Aijaz Aslam, Sahiba Rambo and Hina Dilpazeer to star in Eid telefilm Kaanpain Taang Rahi Hain

Published 15 Apr, 2022 05:19pm

Irfan Ul Haq

The film is a three-act play that follows the story of a woman who schemes in the hopes of getting rich.

Actors Aijaz Aslam, Sahiba Rambo and Hina Dilpazeer are starring in an Eid telefilm called Kaanpain Taang Rahi Hain and by the sound of it, it seems like we're in for some laughs.

Produced by Zeeshan Khan through TNI Productions and directed by Mazhar Moin, the film follows the story of a woman who wants to be rich and comes up with schemes to get what she wants but keeps failing, Aslam revealed in a conversation with Images.

"She involves the whole family and later some issue or the other arises. At the end, there's a man who is distributing money among widows so she turns to her husband — my character — and says 'Make me a widow.' The man dies but before dying he leaves Rs1 crore in her name so eventually they some have [money]," the Nand actor elaborated.

He added that there are a total of three acts during the play. "There's one scheme in the first act, another in the second and in the third she's eventually successful. So that's the basic idea," he explained.

"It is ARY Digital's [feature] but I don't know the day and time — that is decided by the ARY people themselves at the last moment. [The] director is Mazhar Moin and the writer is Mansoor Ahmed Khan," the Log Kya Kahenge actor revealed.

Sharing his experience with his costars he said, "It's a great experience working with Sahiba and Hina Dilpazeer is always fun to work with."

Actor Rambo has also shared the news with her fans. "Eid Telefilm," she captioned the photo, posing with the script.

She shared photos with costars she's sharing the screen with for the first time.

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