Former MNA Aamir Liaquat denies rumours of a third divorce

Former MNA Aamir Liaquat denies rumours of a third divorce

"Aamir is Dania and Dania is Aamir, full stop," wrote his wife in an Instagram story refuting the claims.
13 Apr, 2022

Former PTI MNA Aamir Liaquat and his wife Syeda Dania Aamir have denied rumours of divorce that have been making rounds on social media.

It was inferred by netizens that there was trouble in paradise after Dania reportedly purged her Instagram account of pictures of the couple. There were also claims that she had blocked Liaquat. Social media users speculated that the couple's differing political beliefs may have caused a rift, especially since Liaquat quit the PTI recently and hasn't been holding back when voicing his political opinions about his former party and former PM Imran Khan.

Posting a screenshot of Dania's Instagram page that features him in her recent posts, Liaquat denied the rumours of separation. He called it a conspiracy and claimed the PTI was responsible for spreading false information. "I vehemently deny all the rumours that PTI and its mercenaries are spreading that I have parted ways with Dania. We love each other immensely. I warned PTI and their rented goons, 'Don't enter my home, otherwise nothing will be left.'"

He did not, however, provide evidence of why he believed the PTI to be behind the rumours.

Dania also spoke out on the matter and quashed the rumours. "Rumours are rumours. We will not allow anyone to spread false news. Aamir is Dania and Dania is Aamir, full stop," she captioned her Instagram story.

"I am Dania Aamir and we are one, we have not separated. Please, kindly stop spreading these rumours," she said in the video.

Liaqat re-shared the video on his page and requested the FIA and other organisations to arrest the "so-called journalists and social media accounts" spreading the news of their separation.

Forty nine-year-old Liaquat and 18-year-old Dania tied the knot in February 2022. He was previously married to Syeda Tuba Anwar. When netizens speculated that their marriage may be on thin ice, Liaquat denied the claims. Soon after, Tuba posted a confirmation on her page and Liaquat announced his marriage to Dania.